12-Year-Old Boy Designs Dress for Michelle Obama

Michelle Obama
Michelle Obama will soon be hanging a new designer dress in her closet

There are so many things right with this story, it’s hard to know where to begin.

A sixth grader from Texas will be traveling to Utah so Michelle Obama can test out a dress he designed for her. He was inspired by a blooming orchid he spied while visiting Washington, D.C. The first lady will reportedly wear the dress at an upcoming fundraiser.

Grant Mower, a sixth grader, won a statewide competition over high school and college students for the privilege of dressing Barack Obama’s wife. The honor comes after he was bullied at school because of his interest in women’s fashion.

The bullying got so bad that at one point last year that Grant was homeschooled, but he returned to his regular classes a few weeks later because he missed his friends. And his amateur fashion designing career is gaining some steam.

“First, I was just drawing little girls’ stuff,” he said, according to Fox News. “Then I came up to where I am now, watching Chanel shows and you know, sort of a growth in fashion and maturity.”

Dallas Magazine profiled Grant and his love for Swarovski crystals, describing how he started sketching dress designs by the age of 7.

A four-person team (including a designer who once made a dress for former first lady Laura Bush) is helping Grant actually sew and design the silk dress “fit for a first lady,” working three days a week for three hours a day — designing it on paper is one thing, but Grant needs professional assistance with the execution. The plan to present the dress to Mrs. Obama shortly before the school year begins.

May I start a chorus of happiness by shouting HALLELUJAH and AMEN to every single aspect of this story? Would you like to join me?

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