13 Reasons Why I'm A Bad Mom: Food Edition

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Is this the kind of lunch you make for your kids?

If you’ve ever taken a look at Pinterest, the wildly popular virtual pinboard site, then you may be feeling inadequate.  On the site, people pin up photographs of things they love, from interior design ideas and recipes to holiday crafting and the coolest stuff for kids. It has rapidly become one of the top ten social networks, with 11 million hits per week according to Wikipedia.

A funny new Tumblr blog called Pinterest You Are Drunk follows just how far Pinterest pinners go.  It inspired me to start paying attention to the things on Pinterest that could make us all start feeling like bad moms and dads if we aren’t careful.

It’s easy to start feeling like a loser after spending even a few minutes on Pinterest, especially if you’re a parent.  There are some mommies and daddies out there going to incredible lengths for their kids.  Forthwith, I share a photo gallery of food preparation, artistic school lunches and recipes for children that have appeared on Pinterest that I will likely NEVER accomplish.  Would you make these things for your kids?

  • Simpsons Cut-Outs 1 of 13
    Simpsons Cut-Outs
    The anonymous author of the Pinterest You Are Drunk site wrote, "If you don't shape your child's food into cartoon characters you probably don't love them." Ha!
    Photo credit: Flickr/Lovebones
  • Veggie Skeleton 2 of 13
    Veggie Skeleton
    Clever, but I think my kids will still know these are vegetables.
    Photo credit: Feeding Frenzy
  • Homemade Cake Mix 3 of 13
    Homemade Cake Mix
    The person who pinned this wrote, "No more of that store bought crap with crazy ingredients." Uh oh. I use the store bought crap with crazy ingredients.
    To make this recipe, visit Chickens In the Road
  • Fantastical Pancakes 4 of 13
    Fantastical Pancakes
    Dads are in on the action, too. This dad makes the most amazing pancake creations I've ever seen, including this Star Wars AT-AT. Meanwhile, I'll be at the donut shop.
    For more pancake ideas, visit: Jim's Pancakes
  • Jello Slices 5 of 13
    Jello Slices
    Why couldn't they just make plain old Jello? Then I wouldn't look so bad. Wait ... I don't even make Jello.
    Photo credit: Cutest Food
  • Kiddie Snack Stations 6 of 13
    Kiddie Snack Stations
    Real Simple says we should make a fancy snack station. I just shove the stuff in the fridge. Do I at least get credit for putting it on the bottom shelf where they can reach it?
    Photo credit: Real Simple
  • Monster Mash 7 of 13
    Monster Mash
    This dad made monsters for lunch. Me? Sandwich. Carrots. Grapes. Baked Cheez-Its. Paper bag with name hastily scribbled on it.
    Photo credit: Clever Food Blog
  • Alpaca Curry 8 of 13
    Alpaca Curry
    I'm starting to feel ashamed of myself.
    For more cute food ideas, visit: Cutest Food
  • Letter Lunchboxes 9 of 13
    Letter Lunchboxes
    OF COURSE! I should be teaching my child about each letter of the alphabet through her lunch, like this O for Owl creation. This mom even threw in a sight word for good measure.
    For more letter lunch ideas, visit: Cookie Cutter Lunch
  • Banana Dog 10 of 13
    Banana Dog
    I can't even manage to come up with a simple banana dog. What's wrong with me?
    Photo credit: The Village Cook
  • Literary Link-Ups 11 of 13
    Literary Link-Ups
    To celebrate the books of Dr. Seuss, this lunch has green eggs, ham, blue goo, fish crackers and pink ink. Healthy and improves literacy! I'm praying my children never see these.
    Photo credit: How Does She?
  • Phineas & Ferb 12 of 13
    Phineas & Ferb
    Clearly I'm the worst parent ever.
    For more cool kids' bentos, visit: Hawaii's Bento Box Cookbook
  • Mickey Snacks 13 of 13
    Mickey Snacks
    I die of cuteness.
    Photo credit: Cuisine Paradise


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