14 Pros and Cons of Le Parcel, a New Tampon Delivery Service

Le Parcel
Is a tampon delivery service right for you? Take a look at our pro/con list.

It recently came to our attention (via this article on The Huffington Post) that there’s a new service that automatically delivers tampons by mail each month based on the date of a woman’s menstrual cycle. The goods arrive in discreet packaging and include tampons or pads, chocolate and a special gift.

To some women, Le Parcel will undoubtedly be a godsend.

To other women, its existence will remain one of life’s great mysteries (like why Kourtney Kardashian keeps having babies with that awful, awful guy). Because: You know tampons are available for sale in the same place where you buy your milk and bread, right? Do you really need a subscription to buy a commodity that’s always in stock and available in Aisle 3?

If you’re confused about whether a tampon delivery service is right for you, we’ve conveniently come up with a pro/con list that we’re pretty sure has all bases covered.

Take a look:

  • Pro 1 of 14
    Your husband/boyfriend/significant other will be spared the mortal embarrassment of standing in the checkout line with a box of Tampax Radiant Super.
  • Con 2 of 14
    If you have to close the toilet seat every single morning, he can stand in line, like, three times a year on your behalf.
    You're essentially touching pee. He's holding a sanitized, sealed box.
  • Pro 3 of 14
    It takes the hassle and mystery out of going all the way to the drugstore to buy tampons at the precise moment when you need them most.
  • Con 4 of 14
    Oh, sweetheart.
    If your monthly period is a genuine surprise each month, and you are absolutely incapable of planning ahead and subsequently find that driving three blocks to buy a box of tampons is the straw that breaks your back, then you have problems far bigger than driving three blocks to the drugstore.
  • Pro 5 of 14
    When you need a tampon, you're guaranteed it will be there.
  • Con 6 of 14
    Dude, it gives you 30 tampons every month.
    Either you have more storage space for tampons in your attic than the Pacific Ocean holds water or your flow is so heavy you need to call your gynecologist ASAP.
  • Pro 7 of 14
    The package arrives incognito so no one will know what's inside.
  • Con 8 of 14
    Because, well, you know why.
    (Although we actually don't, so, please, tell us why no one can know that you're a woman who gets a period monthly.)
  • Pro 9 of 14
    Delivered at your door!
    Every month!
  • Con 10 of 14
    Delivered at your door.
    Every month.
  • Pro 11 of 14
    It comes with a gift! Tampons delivered with a freakin' gift!
    How awesome is that?
  • Con 12 of 14
    You're paying $15 a month for tampons, chocolate and a gift.
    What, exactly, do you think the gift will be — the equivalent of a luxury spa weekend for two, or something that has roughly the value of a pea?
    You figure it out. We'll wait.
  • Pro 13 of 14
    Fifteen bucks a month for tampons, chocolate and a gift? What a bargain!
    You spend more than that in a day on your morning and afternoon Cinnamon Dolce Crème Frappuccinos®!
    Move over, Donald Trump — another money genius is gunning for your supreme title.
  • Con 14 of 14
    It costs $8.49 for a brand-name box of 32 tampons at Walgreens.
    If you think you're somehow ahead of the game because you just spent in eight hours on a blended beverage, some tampons and a gift the size of a 2-day-old zit what it would cost to feed a medium-size African village, well, honey, let's have a serious talk about this bridge that's for sale in Brooklyn.

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