14 Ways Moms "Self-medicate" to Make It Through The Day

A parent’s job is never done. In between cooking breakfast, lunch, and dinner for your army of kids, driving your middle-schooler to soccer practice, and ensuring your toddler doesn’t try to eat another dead lizard — it’s no wonder you need a break from time to time. So how do moms and dads deal with this hectic, frenzied life? Last week, we heard about moms who self-soothed with Adderall and pot as a means of coping with the compound stresses of parenthood and life. It got us wondering: What do other parents do to relax and unwind after a long day of parenting?

Check out how Babble bloggers and readers “self-medicate” to make it through their day as a parent, after the jump!

  • Porn 1 of 14
    I know I'm not supposed to admit that but for seven years, my daily "cocktail" is just that. No better release in my experience. So yes, porn makes me a
    better mother.
    — Submitted by Rebecca Woolf, Gone Child(ssss)

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  • Wine 2 of 14
    I feel worse about myself when I use the Internet as a release (be it Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, or porn) than I do when I drink wine.
    — Submitted by Cassandra Barry, More Stories About Some Kid

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  • Pinterest 3 of 14
    I absolutely "medicate" with Pinterest. All those puppies and excellent hair are great when I want to forget that I have to unload the dishwasher.
    — Submitted by Roxanna Sarmiento, The Frog and Snail Society Page

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  • Facebook 4 of 14
    It's where the most adult thoughts and conversations I have all day come from. Facebook saves me.
    — Submitted by Lilly Tompkins

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  • Catching some Zzz’s 5 of 14
    Catching some Zzz's
    I nap when he naps. We watch movies (quietly, so I can get my thoughts straight), and when all else fails, I call my grandmother.
    — Submitted by Pamela Rike

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  • Retail therapy 6 of 14
    Retail therapy
    Shopping and photography!
    — Submitted by Wendy Laurel

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  • A caffeine fix 7 of 14
    A caffeine fix
    Coffee ... lots of coffee. And I always nap when he does!
    — Submitted by Caprice Wilson Dean

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  • Online groups 8 of 14
    Online groups
    I am in lots of resale groups for children's items on the Internet; it's productive procrastination!
    — Submitted by Lilly Tompkins

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  • Whistle while you work 9 of 14
    Whistle while you work
    Cleaning really helps me deal with stress.
    — Submitted by Autumn L. Fancher

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  • The History Channel 10 of 14
    The History Channel
    I love to watch documentaries about the universe and ancient civilizations.
    — Submitted by Candace Williams

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  • Girls’ night out 11 of 14
    Girls' night out
    I make sure I go out with friends for laughs and drinks.
    — Submitted by Angel Berens

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  • 50 Shades of Grey, perhaps? 12 of 14
    50 Shades of Grey, perhaps?
    Reading books!
    — Submitted by Heather Webb

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  • Making something new 13 of 14
    Making something new
    I sew and create; my sewing room is my fortress!
    — Submitted by Kimmy Vezina Gonzalvo

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  • Sugar high 14 of 14
    Sugar high
    Regular doses of chocolate.
    — Submitted by Emily Young

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