14-Year-Old Deficit Hawk Has the Best Political Blog Ever

Asher Newman is a busy guy. There’s the full-time job of being a 9th grader with straight A’s. There’s his role as Class Treasurer. And then there’s his political blog.

His blog, Even a 7th Grader Can Cut the Deficit, is where he shrewdly analyzes issues like healthcare costs, the unemployment rate, and government spending. He also issues recommendations and predictions.

Asher also happens to have an Autism Spectrum Disorder, which he explains as, “It’s kind of like you don’t know what to do socially.”

Clearly Asher isn’t letting autism get in his way. Here are some of his views:

On President Obama’s budget proposal:  “Although I believe that this proposal is okay, there is still a lot of room for improvement. For example there is very little significant entitlement reform in the budget. I also think that Obama might be proposing this budget for political reasons. However, this is not an excuse for the Republicans to not propose their own reasonable budget. The budgets that the Republicans have proposed either sacrifice too many services which would lead to slower economic growth, or cut even less from the deficit then Obama’s does.”

On tax code: “The problem is, both parties are focusing on ideology and not workable solutions.” He goes on to propose his own solution.

On today’s election: “I think Romney has a good chance of winning the popular vote,” he told Atlanta’s 11 Alive News. “But I think Obama is probably going to win the electoral vote.”

And how would Asher vote (if he were old enough to)? “I am in favor of Obama being re-elected,” he said. “I mean I don’t like him that much, but the problem is I don’t like the alternative either.”

Asher says he doesn’t have a girlfriend yet, although he’d like to.

“I wish I did but I don’t,” he told 11 Alive News. “I probably don’t have good enough social skills for starters. I’m not exactly a charmer. I’m not Bill Clinton.”

Oh, Asher. You may not be Bill Clinton, but don’t worry: you are definitely charming.

(via: thAutcast)

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