15 Beautiful Baby Bumps: Artist Does Masterpieces on Moms-to-Be

I adore the work of face painting master Christy Lewis and her team at Daizy Design. Recently I did a post on the amazing work that they have done on children’s faces, transforming them through the magic of make-up— into giraffes, peacocks and even an accurate E.T.. But their masterpieces don’t just live on kid’s skin, the artists also do stunning painting on the belly bumps of adventurous pregnant moms-to-be. Check out some of Daizy Design’s pregnant belly designs here:

  • image-3401 1 of 16
  • Peacock 2 of 16
    A very pretty peacock indeed!
  • Flower 3 of 16
    A beautiful, and big, flower blesses this belly!
  • The Stork 4 of 16
    The Stork
    An ode to the old tale that the stork brought the baby!
  • Pattern 5 of 16
    This is quite a complicated and gorgeous pattern.
  • Lace 6 of 16
    Subtle and beautiful, she really made the lace look realistic.
  • Kitty Cat! 7 of 16
    Kitty Cat!
    Apparently there isn't a baby in this woman's belly but rather a kitty cat!
  • Butterflies 8 of 16
    A lovely pink and purple butterfly design.
  • Young Tree 9 of 16
    Young Tree
    A tree begins to grow...
  • And grow! 10 of 16
    And grow!
    And the tree grows bigger and stronger!
  • Angel 11 of 16
    A sleeping angel baby being cradled by the mother's hands.
  • Pandas 12 of 16
    Who doesn't love pandas! So cute.
  • Pond 13 of 16
    A gorgeous pond with a fish taking a swim.
  • Cute Owl 14 of 16
    Cute Owl
    This one is a "hoot" isn't it?
  • Songram 15 of 16
    I think this one has to be my favorite!
  • Fish Tank 16 of 16
    Fish Tank
    Little fishes going for a swim on this mom's belly!


Check out more of Daizy Design’s work here.

Photo Source: Daizy Design

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