15 Best Disney Surprise Reactions (Videos)

little girl lily reaction to disneyland surprise video
Little Lily's reaction to her Disney surprise is one of the best

The viral video showing this little girl’s reaction to a surprise Disneyland trip may be one of the best ever. Watch below as she happily opens a backpack of Disney items and then mom springs the news on her that they’re going to Disneyland.

The tears of joy and disbelief are one of the most real reactions ever captured on video!

Beyond adorable.

We thought we’d gather up some of the best reactions to Disney surprise trips and see if you agree… do any of these top six year old Lily’s reaction?

Now… if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to book a Disney vacation.

Lily’s Disneyland surprise:

These kids are adorable… and so thankful, saying, “Thank you Momma” for the big surprise:

This video highlights some great kid reactions and excitement:

A surprise leads up to a trip that’s happening “right now:”

Little Anna wonders if her parents are trying to trick her, asking, “Are you lying?” Check it out:

These kids are excited about their Disneyland surprise, but the little boy would have preferred Disney World:

Gotta love the gasp here, as they find out they’re leaving in a couple of hours:

I just love how happy these kids are:

[yframe url=’https://youtu.be/_5zICWikYeE’ width=’640′ height=’390′]

If that girl’s eyes could get any bigger… or the screams any louder:

[yframe url=’https://youtu.be/SwZBc4fqAxY’ width=’640′ height=’390′]

Quite the diversion… we’re not going to Idaho!

[yframe url=’https://youtu.be/iWLtLqC9u4Q’ width=’640′ height=’390′]

I love the moment this kid figures out the clues… plus there is no higher compliment than “You are the best mom and dad ever… in the whole entire world:”

[yframe url=’https://youtu.be/zHqlWzhU1qc’ width=’640′ height=’390′]

Then there’s when the surprise doesn’t go quite as planned…aww…

[yframe url=’https://youtu.be/OaB9lcm_8JA’ width=’640′ height=’390′]

Who’s disappointed about going to Disney? This kid:

[yframe url=’https://youtu.be/Ci7EoTJU-3A’ width=’640′ height=’390′]

LJ, why so sad? He wanted to go to Chuck E. Cheese!

[yframe url=’https://youtu.be/UcgNBezKyZQ’ width=’640′ height=’390′]

This kid would rather go to Dick’s house. Bummer they have to go to stinky old Disney World:

[yframe url=’https://youtu.be/RTONQkDplXE’ width=’640′ height=’390′]

Article Posted 7 years Ago

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