15 Breast-Feeding Myths Explained

It seems just uttering the word “breastfeeding” and emotions flare. When should you stop? How much is too much? What will it do to your breasts? Whether you’re staunchly pro BF’n or think the boob is getting pushed a little hard, it doesn’t hurt to clear up the misconceptions with help from Cookie Magazine.

MYTH #1: Breast-feeding is easy. FALSE

According to expert Suzanne Schlosberg: It’s true that for many women, breast-feeding is a breeze and a joy from the get-go; their babies latch on within minutes of birth, and a calmness fills the mother and seems to flow into the baby. But for others, those first few weeks, maybe even more, can be a maddening struggle. A newborn might fall asleep on the job, lick your nipple instead of suck, or clamp her mouth shut. Ouch! Almost all of the time, things will work out, but Mom may have to get help from a lactation consultant and be persistent and patient. It took my twin boys six weeks to get the hang of it, and I wanted to quit several times.

MYTH #9: Breast-feeding can cause premature labor. TRUE

Expert Suzanne Fredregill: Nipple stimulation can cause contractions in later pregnancy. If a mom-to-be is at higher risk of early labor or is having contractions, it is best to follow the advice of her midwife or ob-gyn.

MYTH #8: Mothers with postpartum depression have emotional trouble with breast-feeding. RARELY TRUE

Fredregill: Much research shows breast-feeding actually decreases the incidence of postpartum depression. The hormone prolactin, produced in Mom’s body when baby nurses, acts like a natural tranquilizer. That’s why for some women, postpartum depression doesn’t become an issue until weaning. However, there are some who are diagnosed with [postpartum depression] who may have to take an antidepressant. Talk to your doctor about safe medications.

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