15 Fabulous Summer Quotes to Celebrate the Season!

Summer is here! A time to go the beach, go camping, play by the pool, and just play, play, and play some more. Summer began this year on June 21st, and this summer is already off to great start in my family. But summer is different for everyone. Sometimes summer is about romance. Sometimes summer is about living in your flip-flops. And sometimes summer is about doing nothing at all.

We’ve put together a list of 15 fabulous quotes in honor of summer, from Harper Lee, Nora Roberts and more famous folks:

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    Click through these 15 fabulous quotes all about summer...

  • In Honor Of Flip Flops 2 of 16

    From the beach, to the pool, to just playing in the park. There is something about flip-flops that just screams fun.

  • Summer Afternoon 3 of 16

    There is something so lovely about a summer afternoon; it's unlike any other time of the year.

  • The Library 4 of 16

    So very true. Summer reading is a wonderful tradition, and one kids and adults can both indulge in.

  • Summer Bachelors 5 of 16

    Many a woman would back the statement that those summer time casanovas aren't as wonderful when it's not summer.

  • Wine! 6 of 16

    Smiling, kissing and wine? Sounds like a perfect summer recipe to me.

  • Men 7 of 16

    Some might have to take those sweet nothings with a grain of salt.

  • The Best 8 of 16

    A very hopeful quote; let's hope it's all the best for all.

  • Saturdays 9 of 16

    Summer is like having Saturday every day of the week. Not too shabby!

  • More Light 10 of 16

    Another good excuse to keep your nose in a book this summer.

  • Swimsuit 11 of 16

    A great quote for all those ladies out there dreading bikini and swimsuit season.

  • Summer Best Season 12 of 16

    A beautiful quote from the one and only Harper Lee from To Kill a Mockingbird.

  • Suffer 13 of 16

    It can be hot, it can be muggy, but it can also be amazing.

  • Summer Night 14 of 16

    There is something so magical about a lovely summer night.

  • Laziness 15 of 16

    It's not often that laziness is respected, but summertime gives us all an excuse.

  • San Francisco 16 of 16

    This quote is usually credited to Mark Twain, but there is no evidence that he ever said it. But being this is my home town, I do see the truth in this statement.

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