15 Fall-Inspired Names for Girls That'll Sound Great In Toddler Pole Dance Class

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These baby names will give your girl a bright future!

No longer content to just climb on the playground, today’s trampy tots have taken up pole dancing in countries like England and Canada, both known for their surplus of buxom babes and their Queen Elizabeth. Pole dancing has become so popular it seems, it may even become an Olympic sport. So if you want your daughter to grow up to become an athlete at the top of her game, you’ll surely want to give her a name fit for a stripper. I’ve combed this list of Fall-inspired names to find 15 that will sound right at home in toddler pole dance class. Which one will you pick for your fierce, independent and agile little gal? p.s. – No layette is complete without a pole dancer doll and this toddler tee with nipple tassles!

  • Breezy 1 of 14
    Easy Breezy.
  • Cinnamon 2 of 14
    Cinnamon has been around since "remote antiquity," according to Wikipedia. Just like the world's oldest profession.
  • Emerald 3 of 14
    Beautiful, sure, but she's also nuts.
  • Ginger 4 of 14
    Is that a root in your bucket or are you just happy to see me?
  • Gusty 5 of 14
    Busty Gusty.
  • Jade 6 of 14
    According to Parents Connect, "Jade was slang for nag or prostitute and is so used in literature up through the 19th century." Boom.
  • Rain 7 of 14
    Girls named Sunny are happy and girls named Rain like to watch men named Frank make it rain in da club. That's just science.
  • Raven 8 of 14
    This temptress has hair as black as night and squawks like a crow.
  • Ruby 9 of 14
    According to ParentsConnect, Tobey Maguire named his daughter Ruby Sweetheart. She might have a future in burlesque.
  • Saffron 10 of 14
    Spicy, smoky, sensual. Saffron.
  • Sapphire 11 of 14
    Like the gem, or the gin. Either way, this girl is moody and smooth.
  • Scarlett 12 of 14
    You want your daughter doing sex scenes in films like Scarlett Johansson, don't you?
  • Tawny 13 of 14
    Parents Connect notes, "Tawny Kitaen is an American model and actress who was famous in the 1980's, particularly for appearing in the music videos of the band Whitesnake." So there you have it.
  • Topaz 14 of 14
    Whether blue or brown, this seductive gem-inspired name is sure to inspire your daughter to take pictures of herself posing cheekily wearing a man's tie.

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Note: Before anyone takes this post seriously, I’ll be the first to admit that my daughter has the name of a Russian mail-order bride, and she seems to be doing just fine! So if your name or your child’s name is on this list, congrats! Here’s a dollar! (Can I put it in your bra?)


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