15 Funny Tweets About the Earth Quake Today: Shake, Rattle & Joke!

Photo: D.C. Devastation

What did people in the East Coast do immediately after the earth quake today? Were they standing in door ways, rushing to their kids’ school to confirm that they were okay, or making a round of telephone calls to make sure everyone they know and love was a-okay? Nope. What did they do? They went to twitter. And they went to Twitter to leave a clever quip, make a joke, or tweet a wee bit of sarcasm.

Check out these 15 funny tweets about the earthquake in the East Coast today…which is the funniest?

You know your addicted to Twitter when you tweet “Earthquake OMG” instead of looking for the exit door. #USA

To all those in CA making fun of our reaction to the quake, let’s see you handle rationally 2 feet of snow, then we can talk. #earthquake

F!, its only been like a half hour & I’ve already finished my 15 day supply of emergency food 🙁 #earthquake

@ Katulis
Main impact of DC earthquake seems to be that the happy hour start time moved up about 4 hours for most people.

BREAKING: Philly cops respond to earthquake by shooting the ground!

UPDATE: Millions of Americans struggling to make earthquake about them.

For the record, everyone in Brooklyn felt the earthquake before it was cool.

After the earthquake, I threw a chair through my front window and stole my TV. Mistakes were made.

It just so happened, there was an earthquake after it was announced that Will and Jada had ‘separated’. The earth was angry

Republicans and Democrats already blaming each other for the earthquake.

Whenever an #Earthquake happens, Twitter transforms into the Weather Channel.

DARN IT!!!! I was this close to finishing my Etch-a-Sketch masterpiece. #earthquake

Earthquake survival tips. 1) update status 2) check in to unlock epic swarm badge 3) text friend and ask if they felt it too.

Pro tip: during an earthquake, stand in a door frame or go under your desk, and bring your phone so you can still make jokes on Twitter.

Federal officials report that in wake of earthquake all jokes have been exhausted. Joke backup systems dangerously stretched.

Photo: Via Twitter

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