15 Hilariously Inappropriate Kids Test and Homework Answers

Funniest kids test and homework answers
Unintentionally inappropriate kid test answers

Among the joys of having kids is hearing them get things just a little bit wrong the mispronunciations or the little things lost in translation. Even the occasional unintentional inappropriate moments are pretty hilarious.

Teachers must, from time to time, get some pretty funny test and homework answers but what about the inappropriate stuff that floats under the teacher’s red pen?

Thankfully, HappyPlace.com keeps a continually updated listing of inappropriate kids’ answers.

We’ve rounded up the 15 most hilarious inappropriate kids’ test and homework answers for your viewing enjoyment.

You don’t have to thank us for your daily requirement of laughs in one post, but… well… you’re welcome.

  • Love is the answer 1 of 15
    Few would argue with this answer isn't love the strongest force on earth? Not for a science test, I suppose.
    Photo Source: HappyPlace.com
  • F Words 2 of 15
    Yep, that's an "F" word. Hey, it could be worse…
    Photo Source: HappyPlace.com
  • Bear troubles 3 of 15
    Whoops! The old "bear got in the way of the question" defense.
    Photo Source: HappyPlace.com
  • Things I can do 4 of 15
    A teachable moment: Carson isn't wrong in the activity he can do, but his teacher suggests a discussion for being his "best self at school."
    Photo Source: HappyPlace.com
  • Greatest accomplishment 5 of 15
    The journey of a homework assignment… armed with a pencil for support.
    Photo Source: HappyPlace.com
  • Bonus threat 6 of 15
    Best bonus point answer ever? Nice counter by the teacher, by the way.
    Photo Source: HappyPlace.com
  • Poopy poet 7 of 15
    Pure poetry. What kid doesn't go through their "infatuation with poop" stage?
    Photo Source: HappyPlace.com
  • The answer 8 of 15
    Jesus is always the answer. But not so much on a school test.
    Photo Source: HappyPlace.com
  • Persuasive platypus 9 of 15
    Perry the Platypus comes to the rescue, earning the test taker a bonus point.
    Photo Source: HappyPlace.com
  • Future 10 of 15
    Three simple wishes for the future…
    Photo Source: HappyPlace.com
  • Revenge 11 of 15
    Kids say the darndest things!
    Photo Source: HappyPlace.com
  • Hores = Horse 12 of 15
    But it's much funnier when it's hores, isn't it?
    Photo Source: HappyPlace.com
  • Presidential warning 13 of 15
    Warning to Lincoln: the theater is a dangerous place.
    Photo Source: HappyPlace.com
  • Mom got drunk 14 of 15
    When your kids reveal just a little too much.
    Photo Source: HappyPlace.com
  • Meth = Math 15 of 15
    BIG difference!
    Photo Source: HappyPlace.com

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Article Posted 6 years Ago

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