15 Hilarious Photos of a Grown Man Re-enacting Snapshots of Friends’ Babies

Yeah, yeah, yeah — we know. You’re sick of seeing pictures of your friends’ babies on Facebook.

Two people were so sick of it, in fact, that they started making fun of it.

My Precious Roommate (which was recently featured on NBC’s is the invention of roommates Molly Thomas and Mick Bleyer, who were noticing more friends posting photos of their babies on Facebook — including one of a newborn in a laundry basket. Thomas was then inspired to document Bleyer in the same fashion.

“We joked offhandedly that [Mick] should strip and I should take pictures of him in my laundry basket,” said Thomas to “Then we realized what an exciting idea that was. Mick literally stripped — I covered my eyes — got in my laundry basket, which we perched on top of his desk…an hour later we had a blog.”

But all jokes aside, Thomas also said the project has “served as a way to compare her own life with those of her friends who have children.”

“The whole truth is I grew up thinking I’d be married with kids at my age,” she told “I think this blog is a way of comparing the life I thought I’d have at this point and the life I actually have (which I love) and how different they are and how silly it all is. I think my subconscious finally made sense of it all when I saw the baby in that basket.”

The site has been up for a couple of years and features a few hundred hilarious photos of Mick posing as other people’s babies with full matching outfits and props and complete with the same facial expressions and hand gestures as the babies.

Here’s a sampling:

  • My Precious Roommate 1 of 16
    My Precious Roommate
    Inspired by your sweet baby.
    Yes, yours.
  • Point Man 2 of 16
    Point Man
    Otherwise known as the backseat driver.
  • Downward Dog 3 of 16
    Downward Dog
    Forward roll.
  • Heaps of Trouble 4 of 16
    Heaps of Trouble
    Bundle of love.
  • One Too Many 5 of 16
    One Too Many
    You'll feel this one tomorrow.
  • Easter Dress 6 of 16
    Easter Dress
    Thanks, Easter Bunny!
  • Say ‘Cheese’ 7 of 16
    Say 'Cheese'
    Or fruit puree.
    Either way.
  • Solemn Sleeper 8 of 16
    Solemn Sleeper
  • Cupcake Cutie 9 of 16
    Cupcake Cutie
    Good to the last crumb.
  • Awake and Sing! 10 of 16
    Awake and Sing!
  • Cute-Tee 11 of 16
    The shirt don't lie.
  • Lip Smackin’, Toe Tappin’ 12 of 16
    Lip Smackin', Toe Tappin'
    Want a bite?
  • Out Cold 13 of 16
    Out Cold
    Sweet dreams.
  • Hard Day’s Night 14 of 16
    Hard Day's Night
    I should be sleeping like a log.
  • Strawberry Fields 15 of 16
    Strawberry Fields
    It's getting hard to be someone but it all works out.
    It doesn't matter much to me.
  • Happy Valentine’s Day 16 of 16
    Happy Valentine's Day
    No offense, Daddy.

For even more baby-photo re-enactments, check out

All images used with permission from Molly Thomas and Mick Bleyer


Article Posted 4 years Ago

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