15 Movie Metaphors for Blogging

Like good blogs, strong margaritas, and celebrities with saddlebags; movies are one of my favorite things. 

When blogging gives me the twitch-eye (as it so often does), I like to step away from my small screen in favor of the big screen.

As a devout blog writer and follower, you already know how blog themes span the realm of cinematic genres. If art imitates life; movies can most certainly imitate blogs. 

I took it upon myself to mash up movies and blogging to create a list of 15 movies that serve as metaphors for blogging. Take a look, share your thoughts, and be sure to let me know any I missed!

  • Mean Girls 1 of 15
    Mean Girls
    Yeah, I went there. This one goes out to the trolls.
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  • Public Enemies 2 of 15
    Public Enemies
    Yeah, haters be hatin'. It's easy to feel like Public Enemy #1 sometimes.
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  • Spy Kids 3 of 15
    Spy Kids
    Maybe your kids read your blog (um, yikes), or maybe your kids are guilty of kid creep. Either way, your kids are always there (and they know things).
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  • In Her Shoes 4 of 15
    In Her Shoes
    You may never know what it feels like to walk a mile in her stilettos but reading her blog is a great place to start.
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  • The Kids Are All Right 5 of 15
    The Kids Are All Right
    Our blog children are growing up in a brave new world. Like the rest of my mom bloggers, I'm trusting no harm, no foul.
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  • Lost in Translation 6 of 15
    Lost in Translation
    Ever write a post that was completely misunderstood? Yeah, me too.
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  • The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly 7 of 15
    The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
    You've seen it all as a blogger; high highs, low lows, and that listless spot in between.
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  • Reality Bites 8 of 15
    Reality Bites
    Reality does bite...and makes for seriously awesome blog fodder. Oh yeah, Hawke in his hot grungy prime isn't too shabby either.
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  • Steel Magnolias 9 of 15
    Steel Magnolias
    I never realized just how strong and awesome my fellow women were until I started blogging. Each one of us has a story worth sharing.
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  • How to Lose Friends & Alienate People 10 of 15
    How to Lose Friends & Alienate People
    Be careful what you share. Be careful who you tag. Be careful not to be the only person looking good in the picture.
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  • Stranger Than Fiction 11 of 15
    Stranger Than Fiction
    Bloggers know better than anybody that you can't make this stuff up. Real life makes for the very best blog posts.
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  • Adaptation. 12 of 15
    An all too common scenario for a blogger: Sharing a story others don't remember that way. To that I say, "Start your own blog."
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  • Almost Famous 13 of 15
    Almost Famous
    I think being almost famous is way better than being actually famous any day of the week (says the non-famous blogger).
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  • The Brave One 14 of 15
    The Brave One
    Pretend for a moment that Jodie Foster is yielding a laptop instead of a gun. Fierce, no? It takes courage to blog your brave truth.
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  • I Don’t Know How She Does It 15 of 15
    I Don't Know How She Does It
    This title is dedicated to those crafty souls on Pinterest. I don't know how she does either.
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If you love the fun of movie metaphors, be sure to check out 11 Movie Metaphors for Parenting (because I wrote that one too and I asked really nicely).

Tell me, what did I miss?

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