15 Photos of Gay Weddings That Will Make You Believe in Love … and Maybe Even Gay Marriage

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Proud love.

In honor of Pride weekend, I’ve found some beautiful photos from gay and lesbian weddings that just might melt your heart. I don’t know if they’re charming and lovely enough to convince a stalwart conservative to believe in gay marriage, but they certainly are filled with enough joy to make any old cynic believe in love again. Even a bitter divorcee! (Ahem.)

  • Adam and Ian 1 of 15
    Adam and Ian
    The photographer says, "I went to my first legal gay wedding this past weekend, and I can honestly say it was the nicest wedding I've ever been to in every respect."
    Photo credit: Nate C/Flickr
  • Marti and Sanaz 2 of 15
    Marti and Sanaz
    The first dance.
    Photo credit: the_matt/Flickr
  • Handsome Couple 3 of 15
    Handsome Couple
    Jim and Bill.
    Photo credit:
  • Gay Wedding Day 4 of 15
    Gay Wedding Day
    Taken at City Hall in Manhattan the first day gay marriage was legal last summer.
    Photo credit: erin m/Flickr
  • Liv and Julia 5 of 15
    Liv and Julia
    From Columbus, OH.
    Photo credit: Circeson/Flickr
  • Meta Marriage 6 of 15
    Meta Marriage
    I love this so much. I hope that's the mother of one of the guys.
    Photo credit: erin m/Flickr
  • Cutting the Cake 7 of 15
    Cutting the Cake
    Shelly and Ellen.
    Photo credit: basykes/Flickr
  • Love 8 of 15
    So sweet. Beautiful flowers!
    Photo credit: erin m/Flickr
  • City Hall, San Francisco 9 of 15
    City Hall, San Francisco
    "We love our daughter and her wife."
    Photo credit: Marc Love/Flickr
  • David and Chris 10 of 15
    David and Chris
    Guerneville, CA.
    Photo credit: neal..patel/Flickr
  • Beautiful Brides 11 of 15
    Beautiful Brides
    June 2010.
    Photo credit: .Martin./Flickr
  • Steve and Eg 12 of 15
    Steve and Eg
    Sevenoaks, England.
    Photo credit: Linda Cronin/Flickr
  • Moya and Leanne 13 of 15
    Moya and Leanne
    With their daughter, Lucy.
    Photo credit: lwaldal/Flickr
  • Who doesn’t love… 14 of 15
    Who doesn't love...
    ...a man in a kilt?!
    Photo credit: erin m/Flickr
  • Jenny and Beth 15 of 15
    Jenny and Beth
    Married in Las Vegas!
    Photo credit: Amy T Schubert/Flickr

Main photo via Flickr

Article Posted 4 years Ago

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