15 Reasons Disneyland and California Adventure Make the Perfect Date Destination

The other week my husband and I went on a real date, sort of. Not a “mom can you watch the baby while we go out for dinner, and I eat so fast I get heartburn because I really miss the girls date.”

Instead, this was more like a take your time and enjoy each other type of date. I can’t remember the last time my husband and I hung out while the sun was shining but I’m almost certain it was back when our littlest love was still inside my belly. And even though, it was so hard for me to be away from my baby, having only been away for a little more than a couple hours just once before, I knew that the two of us were in desperate need of quality time.

Thanks to Disney making arrangements for a day of fun for members of the Disney Interactive family the Mr. and I got to spend a day at the Magic Kingdom and meet some members of the Babble, Disney Baby, and Spoonful Family. To say that it was anything less than magical would be an understatement. It was perfect and needed. Just a week prior we had been to Disneyland and California Adventure with the girls, but this was the first time as adults the two of us had been without a little one. Although there is nothing more beautiful than looking at Disneyland through the eyes of your child there is also something quite special about looking at it through carefree grownup eyes too. Disneyland has the ability to take you to “a whole new world” as Princess Jasmine would say. And for a few hours we were stress free, laughing, exploring, and experiencing a dose of Disney Magic, just the two of us.

Our experience has led me to believe that Disneyland and California Adventure make the perfect destination for a date. Yes, I know it would be quite a financial splurge but I would gladly give up a few fancy dinners to relive the very substance my childhood dreams were made of with the adult love of my life.

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    Disneyland Date

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  • Hakuna Matata 2 of 16
    Disney Date

    The phrase that means no worries is totally relevant in this case. There is something about being at Disneyland that causes you to forget all the things that appear to be wrong in life. Your worries are the farthest from your mind. It's difficult to be anything but happy at the place that has been dubbed the happiest place on earth (and by the way it #justgothappier!)

  • A Chance to Get Dolled Up 3 of 16
    Disney Date

    With a trip to Disneyland comes the opportunity to put on my best ears the sparkly ones. Put on those pretties and work with what your mama gave you. On this particular type of date it's all about the ears. Guys also look quite dapper in mouse ears too!

  • Adventure and Romance 4 of 16
    Disneyland Date

    Disneyland and California Adventure offer the chance to experience multiple dates in one. There are opportunities for romance and adventure at every turn.

  • Downtime and Great Conversation 5 of 16
    Disneyland and California Adventure Date

    Standing in line isn't so bad when you've got company. Long lines give way for conversation but if you need a little downtime or are looking to escape the sunshine, there are other things to do such as taking a trip down memory lane and watching Captain EO in 3-D.

  • Experiencing Compromise and a Desire to Make Each Other Happy 6 of 16
    Disneyland and California Adventure Date

    At Disneyland and California Adventure there is something for everyone. My husband loves Star Tours and "it's a small world" is my all time favorite. So we went on both our favorites together. A ride we may not normally ride on our own became fun and special because we were on it together. Him putting on the mouse ears for a few photos was also an indicator of his desire to see me smile. As handsome as he looked then and as awesome as they are, he doesn't usually rock the mouse ears.

  • Photo Ops 7 of 16
    Disneyland and California Adventure Date

    This time I resisted the urge to schlep around my camera. Since it was just us I didn't feel as compelled to bring it plus I had my phone with me which meant lots of opportunities for selfies. Additionally we posed for pictures in a couple of places throughout the theme park taken by theme park staff with cameras on hand.

  • Fun 8 of 16
    Disneyland and California Adventure Date

    When is the last time you had fun just you and your love? For us it had been awhile. We love going on adventures as a family but it was so much fun hanging out and having fun together.

  • Sharing is Caring 9 of 16
    Disneyland and California Adventure Date

    There are so many great treats to indulge in and so many of them are even better when shared!

  • Live Music 10 of 16
    Disneyland and California Adventure Date

    There are countless things to see at Disneyland and California Adventure which means, you can't possibly do it all in a day but you can still partake in variety of activities. We got to watch a show at the Royal Theater complete with live music! Later we drove through Cars Land, screamed on California Screamin', and walked along a pier reminiscent of our time in San Francisco.

  • Hand-holding 11 of 16
    Disneyland and California Adventure Date

    Lots of hand-holding occurred that day. I felt like a giddy teenager. I missed holding my husband's hand. We are used to holding our 8 year old's hand, carrying our baby or pushing a stroller. Those are all things we love to do and are symbolic of where we are in our life right now but we love each other too. On this day there was nothing to prevent us from a little hand holding.

  • Cuddling 12 of 16

    At night when it gets chilly the perfect opportunity for my husband to put his arm around me presented itself. Scary rides like The Haunted Mansion or the The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror also present the opportunity for a bit of cuddling. How fitting to have your own knight in shining armor with you in the event you become scared and need to be held. (Side note: One thing I love about the crowd at Disneyland is that even couples realize that this is a theme park and kids are present. Keep it appropriate people.)

  • Trying New Things and Making Memories 13 of 16
    Disneyland and California Adventure Date

    I love trying new things with my husband and I especially love making memories with him. Disneyland and California Adventure presented numerous opportunities to do both and the great things about memories is that you get to keep them!

  • Continuous Laughter 14 of 16
    Disneyland and California Adventure Date

    My favorite part of the day had to be the moments when he and I would just laugh and smile at each other for various reasons ranging from the butterflies felt in our stomach while in line for a (new to us) ride to the excitement on our faces as we relived things we loved doing as children.

  • Eye Candy 15 of 16
    Disneyland and California Adventure Date

    With no distractions I was able to get lost in my husband's eyes. Ok, not quite get lost but I was able to spend an afternoon with my entire focus on him.

  • Opportunities to Get Something for the Littles 16 of 16
    Disneyland and California Adventure Date

    There are so many places to stop and get something for the little ones because let's face it, as parents you can't help but have your kids on the brain. You will see rides and say to your spouse "___ would love that!" or "I miss ___" and that's ok. Stop and pick up a souvenir on the way out or bring back a special memento from your day. As parents we miss our children when we are away from them but what I realized that day was how much I also missed having quality time with my husband. (Photo from a previous Disney trip with our daughters.)

On behalf of me and my Mr. thank you Disney for a lovely day. And thank you mom for volunteering to watch the girls so we could go. As magical as Disneyland and California Adventure can be while with your entire family, I am a believer that you should make an effort to go with just your spouse at least once. What are your thoughts? Have you ever been to Disneyland with just your spouse? Would you go without your children?

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