15 Reasons to Be Glad You Had Your Kids in Your 30s

Why You Should Be Glad You Had Your Kids in Your 30s

I had my first and only child at the ripe old age of 35, and for me I would not have had her any earlier. Yes, I would have loved to have known my little bundle of joy sooner than later, but I don’t think I would have been ready to be the mom that I am today.

Our own Michelle Horton celebrated her own twenty reasons why she was glad to be an ‘Early Mama,’ and to have been a mother in her 20s. But in my urban circles of friends in their child bearing years, they almost all welcomed their first kid in their 30s.  If I had to assign a percentage to this phenomenon I’d have to say about 90% waited to start a family. And they all have their own reasons and motives for becoming parents in their 30s rather than their 20s.

With input from my 30-something parent pals, here are 15 reasons why they are waited:

  • Time to Travel 1 of 15
    You know how hard it can be to travel with kids. And if you want an exotic, adventurous, extreme or romantic vacation, attempting to do that with a diaper bag or a kid who would much rather be at Disneyland makes things far more complicated. Doing your big travels in your twenties and settling down for family in your thirties, is what many jetsetting couples opt to do.
  • Time to Sow Those Wild Oats 2 of 15
    Be it staying up all night playing quarters, dancing on the table tops of a nightclub, or playing the field, the twenties are the time to sow those wild oats. You may have regrets about your wild ways but you won't regret having the opportunity to have them!
  • Time to Establish a Career 3 of 15
    For many, a good part of their twenties are spent with long hours at the office, establishing themselves in their chosen profession. Doing so with a little one at home is far harder. Those long hours and business trips become quite the challenge.
  • Time To Figure Out Who You Are 4 of 15
    Our twenties are a time to figure out who we are and by the time we're in our thirties most of us have a pretty clear idea of about our beliefs, our opinions, and the way we want to live our life. In our twenties, we're still trying to figure that all out.
  • To Grow Up Before Helping Someone Else Grow Up 5 of 15
    Many in their twenties still feel like big kids, with bouts of immaturity and uncertainty. When you are if your thirties, you can then feel truly like an adult. And being an mature is one of the key elements of being a good parent, to "grow up before helping someone else grow up."
  • To Know That You Really Want Kids 6 of 15
    Many think it's just "the way it is" to have kids. But parenthood is not for everyone. In your twenties you have the time to decide if being a mom or dad is for you. And if it is, you'll feel far more confident in your decision.
  • To Find the Right Mate 7 of 15
    Most of us have kissed many frogs before finding our prince or princess. Sometimes you need the time to find the right mate, the right person who you want to create a child with. And many times, it takes years to find your partner, the one to go on this crazy journey with. The twenties is the time to do that searching.
  • Time to Become More Financially Stable 8 of 15
    One of the most stressful things about having kids is the pressure of finances. There is another mouth to feed, daycare, clothing, diapers, it all adds up. To have financial security is not necessary but many wait until they have it before they take this big leap.
  • Time To Feel More Fulfilled 9 of 15
    Deep down, many have their own hopes, dreams, aspirations that go beyond becoming a parent. They have a deep need for other fulfillments, be it artistic, creative, spiritual, thirsts they hope to quench before moving on to fulfilling someone else's wishes.
  • Youre Already Tired, Whats a Little Sleep Deprivation 10 of 15
    Some may think having the energy and stamina in your twenties is a big benefit to parenting, but many would argue that that they want that energy to be used while they are fancy free. And in your thirties, your already getting a bit tired, and what's a little more sleep deprivation.
  • To Make Mistakes While They Have Less Significance 11 of 15
    We all make mistakes, and it's best when they are done when you are young, and when your growing up, mistakes are de rigueur. Those missteps and errors in judgments, are better when they happen when the only person they affect is you, not your whole family. You have time to learn from those mistakes and not make them again.
  • Time to Gain Confidence 12 of 15
    What do parents need? Confidence. They need to be strong for their children. Many people I've talked to stated that they didn't feel truly confident until they hit their thirties, and once they did obtain that feeling, they felt better prepared for parenthood.
  • To Have that All Important Me Time Before the We Time 13 of 15
    We all need a little me time. To have that time to be selfish, to think just of yourself, before you have to do the most unselfish act of all, to unconditionally love a child to share with them your body, your mind, your spirit. Those who have children in their younger years often mourn the loss of not having that time to be a wee bit selfish.
  • Time to Become Wiser 14 of 15
    With age comes wisdom and being a wise mother or father is a huge benefit to both the child and the parent.
  • Time to Become More Realistic and Calm 15 of 15
    One friend said that, "In my thirties I'm able to see things more realistically and more calmly than I would have had I had children earlier." A sentiment that many of us 30-something parents share.

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