13 Super Cool Back to School Supplies For Kids and Teens

Cool kids school supplies
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Remember back in junior high when you thought your four-colored pen was, like, the greatest thing ever? Pink, blue, green, and purple! And you’d write notes to your friends using a color per word? That was back when we walked barefoot to school in the snow, uphill both ways. But kids these days are beyond multi-colored pens. Some of the back to school supplies are genius, yet so simple. And affordable!

During my Internet surfing session, I went ahead and put together a school supplies list of my favorites and links to where you can order them online. These items will be sure to make the first day of school a whole lot easier — for both kids and parents. You’re welcome!

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1. Anti-Theft Lunchbags

Tired of people stealing your kid’s lunch? Now you can guarantee it will never happen again. Pick yourself up some anti-theft sandwich bags.
Available now at Perpetual Kid, $4.99

Moldy sandwich bag
Image Source: Perpetual Kid

2. Brown Paper Bag

I love this so much. This brown “paper” bag is tear-proof, leak resistant, and has a double magnet at the entrance so that once your lunch is inside you can fold it down so it shuts tight. The bag keeps its temperature, either retaining the warmth of your food, or its chill. Can you say, awesome?
Available now at Perpetual Kid, $19.95

Brown lunch bag
Image Source: Perpetual Kid

3. Word Lock

I guess I’m old because I never heard of a word padlock. Um, GENIUS! I can’t tell you how many times I forgot my locker combination in high school. I still have nightmares about it.
Available now at Amazon, $7.39

Letter safety lock
Image Source: Wordlock

4. Cassette Tape Dispenser

Maybe only we parents will get a kick out of this one but it was too cool not to add to the school supply list.
Available now at Amazon, $19.99

Casette Tape
Image Source: Amazon

5. Highlighters

Highlighting markers are for bores! How about some fancy highlighters that look like nail polish to inspire all that textbook reading?
Available now at Amazon, $7.08

Colorful highlighters
Image Source: Amazon

6. Colored Smencils

Who doesn’t want scented colored pencils? No one, that’s who.
Available now at Amazon, $13.04.

Scented pencils
Image Source: Amazon

7. Pencil Eraser Hats

Pencils, but fancy!
Available now at Amazon, $4.99.

Pencils with eraser hats
Image Source: Amazon

8. Unicorn Pencil Sharpener

Um? UNICORN. ‘Nuff said!
Available now at Perpetual Kid, $8

Unicorn pencil sharperner
Image Source: Perpetual Kid

9. Draw It Yourself Calculator

Don’t like how calculators are arranged? Do it yourself! You’ll start with a blank sheet, so be creative and draw it however you want.
Available now at Amazon, $9.99

DIY doodle calculator
Image Source: Amazon

10. Retro Shoe Pencil Case

You need something to carry your multi-colored pen, your thumb thumb drive, your doughnut-scented pencils and your unicorn sharpener don’t you?
Available now at Amazon, $6.08

Converse pencil case
Image Source: Amazon

11. Sandwich Lunch Box

One of the few back to school lunches that is retro but hip!
Available now at Retro Planet, $8.99

Sandwich lunch box
Image Source: Retro Planet

12. Thumb Thumb Drive

A literal translation.
Available now at Brando, starting at $14.

thumb drive
Image Source: Brando

13. Talking Bubble Sticky Notes

Do kids still share lockers? What a fun way to leave each other notes! Anyone who uses those old-fashioned square sticky notes is such a … square.
Available now at Amazon, $9.27

Speech bubble sticky notes
Image Source: amazon
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