15 Things in My Marathon Survival Kit

The Boston Marathon is on Monday, and I’m running it. I’ve trained and prepared as well as I can for this 26.2 mile jaunt from Hopkinton, MA to Boston, and for the past several days I’ve been running less, taking care of my minor pains and niggles, sleeping as much as my baby will allow, and prepping for my 3-day carb load. All of those things should make the run as painless as running 26.2 miles can possibly be. But I’m also packing up some additional “weapons” to make the race comfortable and as much as possible enjoyable.

Here’s what’s in my race day kit:

  • Anti-chafing Cream 1 of 15
    Anti-chafing Cream
    The marathon is a long race. If anything rubs the wrong way, there will likely be blood and/or blisters by the end. But anti-chafing cream keeps things rubbing smoothly. I put it all over my feet and under my sports bra straps.
  • Athletic Tape 2 of 15
    Athletic Tape
    I tape the places on my feet where I've gotten blisters in the past. This keeps my shoes from rubbing them and making them worse.
  • Deep Blue Essential Oil and Deep Blue Rub 3 of 15
    Deep Blue Essential Oil and Deep Blue Rub
    A couple of weeks ago, my knee started hurting. I put this Deep Blue on it a couple of times a day and it felt so much better so much more quickly than I was expecting. I get mine from my mother-in-law. Ben-gay might be the closest alternative. The rub has that delightful tingly feeling.
  • Gu 4 of 15
    Nobody loves Gu. But it keeps my energy level up so I can run my best. I went through 4 pouches during my last marathon . . . .
  • Hairpins 5 of 15
    My hair is too short for ponytails and headbands, but the pins keep my hair off my forehead and make me feel a little more "dressed up" for my big day.
  • Lip Balm 6 of 15
    Lip Balm
    Getting to the start line and realizing my lips are dry . . . ugh. Burt's Bees to the rescue! I love the subtle tint. Again, it makes me feel the slightest bit dressed up.
  • Safety Pins 7 of 15
    Safety Pins
    You never know when you're going to need to pin something. I've used them to pin Gu pouches to my clothes so my hands are free, and a name tag to my shirt so people can cheer me on.
  • Sports Bra 8 of 15
    Sports Bra
    Obviously. I've worn this one since my first marathon 6 years ago and it's done me well. If it ain't broke . . . .
  • Sunscreen 9 of 15
    It may only be 60 degrees out, but the sun will still be shining, and 3+ hours in it will leave a mark if you aren't careful.
  • Yurbuds 10 of 15
    I'm not sold on running to music this time around, but I think I'm going to take the yurbuds in case I really do need a pick-me-up. They stay in my ears really well when I run so I'm not always shoving my earbuds back in.
  • Shoes 11 of 15
    Obviously! I've been a dedicated Vibram FiveFingers wearer for nearly 4 years. This will be my 3rd marathon in them.
  • Clothes 12 of 15
    I'm wearing shorts and a tank top, a couple of things I got from Under Armor last summer when I was running a 10K in my 3rd trimester of pregnancy. They were great then and they are great now!
  • My Phone 13 of 15
    My Phone
    I'm running with this for a lot of reasons: to track my pace via the Nike+ app, for music if I need it, to take pictures if I feel like it, and to call my husband and cry (tears of joy? tears of pain?) to him when I cross the finish line, before I can make my way to him and the kids in the family meeting area.
  • Sunglasses 14 of 15
    I'm hoping these make me look really serious and cool, and also keep my from squinting into the sun and getting all tense. Wasted energy.
  • Name Tag 15 of 15
    Name Tag
    There's nothing like hearing people cheer me on, by name, on the race course. It gives me such a boost of energy. I feel like a rockstar every time.

Article Posted 4 years Ago

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