15 Vintage Back-To-School Ads are (Thankfully) a Sign of Way Different Times (PHOTOS)

Back-to-school shopping never goes out of fashion. How back-to-school shopping is approached, on the other hand, changes from generation to generation.

Books and basic clothes? Never changes. Cigarettes, pervy teachers, and Spam on pizza? Thank God that’s changed.

Here are 15 vintage back-to-school ads that will make you doubly glad your days of hitting the books are long since passed:

  • Pizzaroo from Spam and Kraft 1 of 15
    Pizzaroo from Spam and Kraft
    Is there ever a wrong time for Spam?
    Wait, scratch that. Reverse it.
    Is there ever a right time for Spam?
    Ah, yes. That was it.
  • But Mr. Throckmorton 2 of 15
    But Mr. Throckmorton
    Even then, there were no words.
  • image-305 3 of 15
    The quotations marks seem appropriate. At least they do in present day.
  • It pays to wear Real Silk hosiery 4 of 15
    It pays to wear Real Silk hosiery
    Especially when the school district's liability policy is paid up.
  • Good things happen over coffee . . . 5 of 15
    Good things happen over coffee . . .
    And bad things happen under the bleachers.
  • National Bellas Hess 6 of 15
    National Bellas Hess
    Fashion clearance, as per the fashion police.
  • Camel’s Money Back Offer 7 of 15
    Camel's Money Back Offer
    Hook 'em while they're young (and uneducated)!
  • Hanes 8 of 15
    Because all serious students wear nothing but pantyhose.
  • Sounds Off for Chesterfield 9 of 15
    Sounds Off for Chesterfield
    If you have enough air left in your lungs, that is.
  • Orlon teaches new fall fashion 10 of 15
    Orlon teaches new fall fashion
    But someone needs to teach the teacher that 15 will get him 20.
  • Pac-Man Novelty Top 11 of 15
    Pac-Man Novelty Top
    Knit tops, Pac-Man Tops, fashion tops . . . all squarely on the bottom.
  • Avondale Mills of Alabama 12 of 15
    Avondale Mills of Alabama
    Creating little old people, one pinafore and pair of dungarees at a time.
  • Fresh Up with Seven-Up 13 of 15
    Fresh Up with Seven-Up
    It could be worse; at least it's not milk.
  • Tips on what to take to college 14 of 15
    Tips on what to take to college
    Besides a clue, that is.
  • Wilson Wear 15 of 15
    Wilson Wear
    For all the latest in lumberjack fashion.

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