15 Vintage Fashion Trends That, Quite Thankfully, Didn’t Stick

Just because something is old doesn’t make it classic. Sometimes it just makes it old and ugly.

Behold 15 “fashion” items you never knew existed. Quite thankfully.

  • 15 Vintage Fashion Trends That Just Didn’t Stick 1 of 16
    15 Vintage Fashion Trends That Just Didn't Stick
    Fashion is in the eye of the beholder.
    Often times literally
  • Pickle Sisters 2 of 16
    Pickle Sisters
    You are what you eat.
  • Woman with Cups and Saucers 3 of 16
    Woman with Cups and Saucers
    Coffee, tea and her.
  • Circassian Beauty 4 of 16
    Circassian Beauty
    More like circus-ian.
  • Lamp-Shade Dress 5 of 16
    Lamp-Shade Dress
    As if this outfit deserves a spotlight.
  • Phone Hats 6 of 16
    Phone Hats
    Yes, the fashion police will be calling.
  • Marie Dressler Hat 7 of 16
    Marie Dressler Hat
    Oh my! The latest in bucket, er, brown bag, er, hat fashion.
  • Steven Arpad Shoes 8 of 16
    Steven Arpad Shoes
    And you thought Doc Martens and Moon Boots were clunky.
  • Love Hat 9 of 16
    Love Hat
    When Cupid needs to literally hit you over the head with his arrow.
  • Chicken Suit 10 of 16
    Chicken Suit
    Which is ironic, of course, given the bravery needed to actually wear this thing and memorialize it in a photo.
  • Feather Helmets 11 of 16
    Feather Helmets
    Well, blow me over with a feather, which will also protect me when I faint from its ridiculousness.
  • Satellite Hat 12 of 16
    Satellite Hat
    What good is a hat if it can't be seen from outer space?
  • Metal Swimsuit 13 of 16
    Metal Swimsuit
    Should anything that requires welding really be going near the water?
  • Atomic Bomb Hairdo 14 of 16
    Atomic Bomb Hairdo
    The much more lethal version of the beehive.
  • Glamorgio Plastic Hats 15 of 16
    Glamorgio Plastic Hats
    Because everyone is looking right at her hat.
  • Monocle Hat 16 of 16
    Monocle Hat
    A hat best seen with no eyes, but if you must subject them, one should be plenty.

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