15 Ways To Predict Divorce

Broken marriage
What causes divorce?

Statistically speaking, my marriage is doomed: for a host of reasons ranging from my childhood background to the age gap in my own marriage, the odds are totally against my husband and I growing happily old together.

I find this comforting.

It comforts me when we’re fighting, when we’re staring at the walls like zombies instead of embracing each other at the end of a long day, when I daydream about what color the curtains would be in a tiny apartment of my very own.

It’s not us, I think. We’re not bad people, or bad at being married. We’re just climbing a steep hill here.

Other people must find these thoughts comforting too, because there’s a booming market in the science of marriage, and divorce. The Daily Beast has culled some of the juicier bits to offer us a glimpse of what life circumstances lead to divorce. It’s not what you’d think.

For starters, I wouldn’t have expected where you live to be a big determinant. It is, though. People living in red states are 27 percent more likely to divorce than those of us in blue states. So much for family values.

Other risk factors:

  • Being a child of divorce
  • Having stepparents
  • Having been divorced once already
  • Having lived with more than one partner before marrying
  • Having daughters
  • Having twins
  • Having cancer
  • Being older than your husband, if you’re a woman
  • Being gay

Is your marriage defying the odds? If so, you might want to consider divorce insurance.

I’m hoping that next we’ll see an exciting round of statistics on what helps our marriages stay together. Hear that, marriage scientists?

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