16 Date Ideas Inspired by Spring

This past weekend, my family and I headed to the park for an impromptu picnic. The park was filled with families and couples all out enjoying the sunshine that filled our weekend. It was a perfect spring day, only…it wasn’t spring just yet. Instead, it was a reminder of how beautiful spring is.

As I sat on a blanket, I thought about all the things I am looking forward to during this upcoming season. My baby’s smile, currently still toothless, as she feels grass on her toes or scans the park from atop her daddy’s shoulders; my eight year old and me picking out fruits and veggies at the Farmers Market and doing arts and crafts outdoors; and my husband and I talking while sharing a meal seated outside on a restaurant patio. And of course, more family adventures.

Spring is the time of year when flowers bloom and new life enters the world. Perhaps it can also be a time to let your love bloom in new ways and breathe new life into your relationship.

In celebration of the arrival of spring, I’ve rounded up 16 date ideas. While some of these activities can be enjoyed by the entire family, consider this season as a fresh start and a chance to make some special memories with the adult love of your life too. Happy spring!

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  • Plant a Garden 2 of 17
    Plant a Garden
    Plant some flowers or fruits and vegetables in a garden. Or if planting isn't your thing visit the local Farmers Market and pick out some flowers and produce. (Photo Source: gregor_y via Flickr)
  • Visit the Zoo 3 of 17
    Visit the Zoo
    During the Spring a lot of baby animals are born. Visit the zoo to see all of the cute babies. (Photo Source: bartdubelaar via Flickr)
  • Attend a Festival or Concert 4 of 17
    Attend a Festival or Concert
    Attend a music, food or art festival . Visit a website like to find out what festivals are happening where you live. (Photo Source: Horia Varlan via Flickr)
  • Go to the Farm 5 of 17
    Go to the Farm
    Visit a farm, ride the tractor, and pick in season fruits. Be sure to feed some of the farm animals before you leave. (Photo Source: krossbow via Flickr)
  • Go See a Drive-in Movie 6 of 17
    Go See a Drive-in Movie
    Now's the time of year when you can comfortably sit in your car at a drive-in movie without being too hot or too cold. Enjoy being in your car without hearing your child ask you for the hundredth time — "are we there yet?" (Photo Source: don.wing45 via Flickr)
  • Go on a Bicycle Ride Around Town 7 of 17
    Go on a Bicycle Ride Around Town
    Go for a bicycle ride. While you're at it why not try a bicycle built for two? (Photo Source: Hey Paul Studios via Flickr)
  • Ride a Paddle Boat 8 of 17
    Ride a Paddle Boat
    Ride a paddle boat at the local lake. (Photo Source: LovingVancouver via Flickr)
  • Go Horseback Riding 9 of 17
    Go Horseback Riding
    Go take a horseback riding lesson and/or go ride horses along a trail. Or pass on the horseback riding and simply go on a hike. (Photo Source: Texas Dark Horse via Flickr)
  • Visit a Carnival or Theme Park 10 of 17
    Visit a Carnival or Theme Park
    Visit a theme park to beat the summer heat and crowds. Bypass the kiddie section and head straight for the roller coasters! (Photo Source: mgrayflickr via Flickr)
  • Go Fishing 11 of 17
    Go Fishing
    Grab some fishing poles and a couple of chairs and go fishing. (Photo Source: austincameraguy via Flickr)
  • Deliver Flowers 12 of 17
    Deliver Flowers
    Brighten someone's day by delivering spring blooms to a senior center or hospital. (Photo Source: Tim Sackton via Flickr)
  • Fly a Kite 13 of 17
    Fly a Kite
    Unleash your inner child and go kite flying. Afterwards sit down on the grass and share a picnic lunch. (Photo Source: Vironevaeh via Flickr)
  • Go Wine Tasting 14 of 17
    Go Wine Tasting
    Tour the winery and afterwards sip wine and enjoy hors d' oeuvres. (Photo Source: Julie, Dave & Family via Flickr)
  • Take a Cooking Class 15 of 17
    Take a Cooking Class
    Take a cooking class and learn how to prepare something light and fresh like spring rolls or a spring salad. (Photo Source: Stu Spivack via Flickr)
  • Visit the Botanical Gardens 16 of 17
    Visit the Botanical Gardens
    See what's blooming as you stroll through the botanical gardens. (Photo Source: brewbooks via Flickr)
  • Go on a Hot Air Balloon Ride 17 of 17
    Go on a Hot Air Balloon Ride
    Go for a ride in a hot air balloon and get a glimpse of the scenery from up high. (Photo Source: ricketyus via Flickr)

What are some of your favorite spring date ideas?


Article Posted 4 years Ago

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