16 Most Energetic Disney Characters of All Time

Here’s a collection of the Most Energetic Disney Characters of All Time put together to celebrate staying up all day and all night at Disney Parks this coming Memorial Day Weekend. On Memorial Day Weekend, Disney Parks will be keeping three theme parks open for 24 hours to kick off a Monstrous Summer on both coasts!  Want more info? Head to Disney Parks for everything you need to know.

Some of us are morning people. Some of us are night people. And then there are those of us who just seem to be both. But even if you aren’t both, almost everyone can do it once a year.

In the meantime, these energetic Disney characters are just the type you might find dancing, singing, playing, and generally having a good time at a 24 hour Disney party. Enjoy!

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    Disney Characters
  • Dash 2 of 17
    Dash Incredibles

    Energy in motion! Dash from Disney Pixar's Incredibles moves so fast he seems to turn into a blur of pure energy!

  • Vanellope 3 of 17

    Feisty energy! "Look wise guy, I know I'm a racer, I can feel it in my code." Vanellope is no wilting violet, she keeps fighting until she wins the race and takes her place as the rightful ruler of the kingdom.

  • Mater and Lighting McQueen 4 of 17
    Mater and Lighting McQueen

    Best Friends energy! These two really like hanging out with each other and it shows. Their energy is infectious. They seem to have energy to spare, especially when running away after tractor tipping.

  • Aladdin 5 of 17

    Resourceful energy! Aladdin's experience fending for himself in the streets of Agrabah has given him a special kind of energy for thinking and moving fast.  

  • Guido 6 of 17
    Guido Cars Pixar

    Earnest energy! Guido knows his job and does it well, and he does it enthusiastically. Remember, he's the one who can throw four tires in the air at once and then attach them to a car with an impact wrench before they return to earth.

  • Boo 7 of 17

    Curious energy! Mike and Sully have difficulty keeping track of her with all her curious energy. Of course, that laugh of hers packs an energetic punch, too.

  • Army Men 8 of 17
    Army Men Toy Story

    Mission-oriented energy! These guys pour their formidable energies into completing every mission.

  • Tigger 9 of 17

    Exuberant energy! It takes a lot of it to pounce and bounce so much.

  • Rapunzel 10 of 17
    Rapunzel Tangled

    Passionate energy! Reading, painting, singing, dreaming, cleaning and brushing all that hair, Rapunzel exhibits a lot of passion for both her chores and her interests.

  • Wall-E 11 of 17

    His batteries always seemed to be charged.

  • Maximus 12 of 17
    Maximus Tangled

    Disciplined energy! Maximus' energy in service of his duties is impressive and unfailing. Remember the dogged way he pursued Flynn in Tangled?

  • King Louie 13 of 17
    King Louie

    Rhythmic energy! Bagheera calls him a scoundrel, and that may be, but he's a scoundrel with a beat!

  • Fairies 14 of 17

    Group energy! The Pixie Hollow team always seems to have energy greater than its parts, especially when coming to someone's rescue.

  • The Muppets 15 of 17
    The Muppets

    Can-do energy! The Muppets are indomitable. You want their energy when tackling a big project.

  • Giselle 16 of 17
    Giselle Enchanted

    Honest energy! Giselle's honesty and sincerity generates a special energy that makes her sparkle.

  • White Rabbit 17 of 17
    White Rabbit

    I'm-late, I'm-late, for-a-very-important-date energy! Some folks just never seem to have enough time in the day for all the things they need to do. The rabbit from Alice in Wonderland just keeps moving to stay ahead of the clock.

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