16 Unique Christmas Trees MINUS the Tree (Photos)

I’m old-school, each year our family goes to a local lot and picks out a Douglas Fir which had recently been cut down. Yes, it may not be the “greenest” thing to do, but it’s our family tradition. But I may have to rethink this tradition after seeing all the clever, unique and interesting Christmas trees made from a variety of things from wine corks, to burlap scraps to Legos.

Check out these 16 Christmas trees minus the trees:

  • Driftwood Tree 1 of 16
    Driftwood Tree
    This tree is so natural and simple, a lovely Christmas tree for the minimalist.
    Photo Source: Etsy (Available for $93 here)
  • Wine Cork Tree 2 of 16
    Wine Cork Tree
    A perfect tree for the wine lover, this one is made from a variety of old wine corks.
    Photo Source: Etsy (Available for $39.99 here)
  • Dish Tree 3 of 16
    Dish Tree
    In Hasselt, Belgium, a pair of artists from the design firm Mooz created this gorgeous tree made out of about 5000 pieces of old white porcelain plates and cups.
    Photo Source: Mooz
  • Mountain Dew Can Tree 4 of 16
    Mountain Dew Can Tree
    At first glance you would never know that this tree was made of 400 Mountain Dew cans.
    Photo Source: Mountain Dew Tree
  • Quiled Tree 5 of 16
    Quiled Tree
    A perfect ode to the Christmas Tree which is very kid friendly.
    Photo Source: Etsy (Available for $29 here)
  • Wood Plank Tree 6 of 16
    Wood Plank Tree
    This tree was made from reclaimed wood that has been painted to reflect the colors of nature.
    Photo Source: Etsy (Available for $40 here)
  • Burlap Tree 7 of 16
    Burlap Tree
    Burlap is one of the most humble fabrics. This tree is a simple and lovely ode to the Christmas Tree.
    Photo Source: Etsy (Available for $100.00 here)
  • Crochet Tree 8 of 16
    Crochet Tree
    If you are feeling crafty you can get this crochet pattern and create your own mini-tree.
    Photo Source: Etsy (Patterns Available for $5.00 here)
  • Crystal Tree 9 of 16
    Crystal Tree
    Created from crystal beads and gold safety pins, this tree gives off the a gorgeous glow.
    Photo Source: Etsy (Available for $39.99 here)
  • Dried Petal Tree 10 of 16
    Dried Petal Tree
    Created from dried Lunaria flowers, this natural tree gives a ethereal hue.
    Photo Source: Etsy (Available for $20 here)
  • Sheet Music Tree 11 of 16
    Sheet Music Tree
    Scraps of paper never looked so festive.
    Photo Source: Etsy (Available for $16 here)
  • Button Tree 12 of 16
    Button Tree
    A great way to reclaim old buttons and give them a new life.
    Photo Source: Etsy (Available for $25 here)
  • Origami Tree 13 of 16
    Origami Tree
    Origami can create magic with pieces of simple paper, this origami star tree is a perfect example of the art.
    Photo Source: Etsy (Available for $60 here)
  • Cake Pop Tree 14 of 16
    Cake Pop Tree
    This tree consists of 150 Cake Pops, making this tree not just cute but delicious.
    Photo Source: Etsy (Available for $325 here)
  • Book Tree 15 of 16
    Book Tree
    A wonderful tribute to the Christmas Tree via a pile of books!
    Photo Source: Flickr
  • Legos 16 of 16
    Of course there would be a tree made of Legos! This one is from Lego Land.
    Photo Source: Flickr




Article Posted 4 years Ago

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