17 Great Ideas Adults Stole From Kids

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Today's adults love the kids stuff they grew up with -- like hula hoops!

We talk a lot about kids acting more and more like grown-ups. They watch prime-time TV, wear make-up, dress like cocktail waitresses. But adults are borrowing heavily from kids, too. Can you blame them? Some kids things are too good to give up.

So what if you’re no longer dependent on your mom for a ride. Who cares if you shave daily and have a mortgage? Stuff that makes life for kids better can also make life for adults better.


Here are 17 kids things that adults are making their own:

  • Cupcakes … and Sprinkles! 1 of 16
    Cupcakes ... and Sprinkles!
    Once served only as kid party food, the cupcake now works as a substitute for everything from lunch to a husband. Also making the transition from the child's palate to adult good taste are sprinkles. Often on cupcakes.
  • Strollers … for Pets 2 of 16
    Strollers ... for Pets
    Baby strollers are everywhere and an increasing number of them hold pets. Only! The functional, fashionable stroller, once meant to tote napping human babies, have been slightly remodeled to suit yappy dogs.
  • Capri Sun Pouch … for Wine 3 of 16
    Capri Sun Pouch ... for Wine
    In all but two respects, the Astrapouch is just like a Capri Sun Pacific Cooler: the contents and the straw. The Astrapouch contains wine and it's poured from a spigot at the bottom of the bag (instead of a stabby straw glued to the side). Soccer games just got better.
  • Cartoon Movies 4 of 16
    Cartoon Movies
    Movies like "The Smurfs," "Shrek," "Cars," the "Toy Story" franchise, Rango and a bunch of others are filled with jokes aimed straight at adults. Is this a good thing? It makes sitting through them much easier. The downside: explaining it to kids who are starting to catch on.
  • Rompers 5 of 16
    What used to be standard-issue toddler wear has found its way into women's couture. Why would a grown woman want to wear a one-piece shorts set? Maybe it makes her Big Wheel go faster.
  • Footie Pajamas 6 of 16
    Footie Pajamas
    Super soft fleece and no-slide foot pads -- what's not to love about adult footie pajamas? Sure, the risk of overheating is high. But they're so snuggly!
  • Hello Kitty … on Cars 7 of 16
    Hello Kitty ... on Cars
    The Hello Kitty car isn't just for Japanese women; they can be spotted in the U.S., too. If Kitty-chan is good enough for preschool backpacks and middle school lunch boxes, then she's good enough for a four-cylinder hatchback!
  • Kickball 8 of 16
    Some things can't be fully appreciated until we're adults and kickball is one of them. Easier than hitting a baseball and a better chance you'll make it to base. Plus, being picked last is less humiliating when you're 40 -- especially when there's a cooler full of Astrapouches.
  • Butt Wipes 9 of 16
    Butt Wipes
    Didn't see this one coming! Disposable baby wipes have matured and now they're being marketed to supplement toilet paper. We've always said there are so many other uses for baby wipes, but we meant stuff like dusting bookshelves.
  • Classic Kids Lit 10 of 16
    Classic Kids Lit
    Filmmakers have been taking the books kids love and turning them into movies with expanded stories and grown-up themes. "Where the Wild Things Are," "Alice in Wonderland," "Red Riding Hood," and the Harry Potter series are the most recent.
  • Kids’ Snack Food 11 of 16
    Kids' Snack Food
    Goldfish were designed as fun food for kids, but they show up all over the place, including adult gatherings. Other food originally marketed to kids -- M&M's candies, Cap'n Crunch cereal -- have a loyal grown-up following. We draw the line at Pirate's Booty.
  • Sippy Cups 12 of 16
    Sippy Cups
    Marketers call it a "sports cap," but it's really a big-boy sippy cup. No spill, go everywhere drinks aren't just for kids anymore. They take the edge off for grown-ups who are starting to feel fussy, too.
  • Blow-Out Birthday Parties 13 of 16
    Blow-Out Birthday Parties
    Birthday parties with hats, games and gifts aren't just for kids anymore. Grown-ups are throwing their own blow-outs, and not just on the 30-, 40-, 50-year milestones. They're sending out evites and breaking out the good wine just for the off years, too, like 32 and 46 (or 33 1/3).
  • Recess 14 of 16
    Tech companies that encouraged their workers to take breaks and have fun saw their productivity rise and creativity flourish. Now everyone's getting in on the recess act. Just a 20 minute respite from email, phone calls and meetings can change the rest of the day. And improve your hopscotch and four-square game.
  • Velcro Shoes 15 of 16
    Velcro Shoes
    Why should clumsy-fingered kids have been the only ones getting out of tying their shoes? Everyone has a right to Velcro shoes, which beat even the double-knot in terms of all-day footwear security.
  • Temper Tantrums 16 of 16
    Temper Tantrums
    Politicians, coaches, teachers, corporate executives have followed this classic coping tactic -- the temper tantrum -- for years and to great effect. After all, If it feels good, do it. If it feels bad, throw a fit! Pull on your adult footie PJs and give it a try.



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