17 Lies We Tell Our Spouses

17 Lies CollageMost of us consider ourselves to be pretty honest people. We always tell the truth, unless, of course, there is a legitimate reason not to. When we lie it’s always for the greater good. Our spouses may not know, but it really is for the best. Otherwise, we wouldn’t do it.

Recently I asked some of my girlfriends to share some of the lies they tell their spouses. Their names will not be revealed as I don’t want to compromise their covers. If somehow their husbands find this post, husbands, I need you to know that every “lie” was made out of love. And also, I’m so not talking about your wife.

In case you’re interested, I did ask my husband what lies guys tell their wives: he said they don’t tell any. He’s lying, but whatever. If I can get him and some of my guy friends to come clean, a part two will definitely be in the works. For now, take a look and see some of the lies we ladies tell our spouses.

For those of you who never lie, you’re a better woman than me I suppose. But for those of you that do, please share in the comments and if you must leave a comment as anonymous, don’t worry. I get it. After this post I have a feeling I  just might have to come clean.



  • Im not mad. 1 of 17
    Im not mad.
    Stop asking me if I'm upset because I AM. I mean, isn't it written all over my face?
  • I don’t care. 2 of 17
    I don't care.
    Very similar to I'm not mad. I do care. In fact, if I brought it up I must definitely care. Once again, please see the look on my face and take note of my body language.
  • Ive barely eaten all day 3 of 17
    Ive barely eaten all day
    I've been so busy I've hardly eaten anything today. Ok, let me correct that. I've barely eaten anything you'd approve of. How long is this "baby weight" excuse good for anyway?
  • Im going on a diet. 4 of 17
    Im going on a diet.
    It ends up being a lie but when we say this we have every intention on starting a diet. Tomorrow.
  • It was on sale! 5 of 17
    It was on sale!
    You ask how much we paid for that, and our reply is always "it was on sale!" Because really, shouldn't the only important thing be that we got it for a great price. So great, we dare not reveal it!
  • The kids needed it. 6 of 17
    The kids needed it.
    We splurged on something for our babies. Out of necessity of course. Besides, how could you be opposed to my purchase when our precious children "needed it?"
  • I can wear these with everything. 7 of 17
    I can wear these with everything.
    Yes, those sky high stilettos can be worn with everything, making them an investment and absolutely necessary.
  • The baby had a rough day. 8 of 17
    The baby had a rough day.
    AKA I had a rough day. You see, if I blame the lack of clean laundry and a messy house on the fact that our sweet baby required all of my attention then surely you will understand.
  • Ive had this forever. Ive just never worn it before. 9 of 17
    Ive had this forever. Ive just never worn it before.
    Ok, forever, is a long time. But I didn't just get it.
  • Im working/studying. 10 of 17
    Im working/studying.
    Yes, this thing I am reading on the internet is very important. I know it looks like Facebook but — hey, do you hear that? Will you please check on the baby?
  • Ill pay you back. 11 of 17
    Ill pay you back.
    For those of us with our own spending accounts ever so often we might ask our spouse for some money. "I'll pay you back." But really, we're married. Isn't it our money anyway?
  • I don’t have any money left. 12 of 17
    I don't have any money left.
    Why do you think I borrowed some from you? I can't empty my secret stash.
  • I don’t feel good. 13 of 17
    I don't feel good.
    This (sometimes) means I don't want to go anywhere or I don't want any bedroom action.
  • It was a gift! 14 of 17
    It was a gift!
    My mom got it for me! It was such a nice surprise. Oh and by the way, don't tell her I told you. She doesn't want me to make it a big deal.
  • I havent been eating any junk food. 15 of 17
    I havent been eating any junk food.
    I haven't. Not in front of you anyway. That Hot Cheetos bag or candy wrapper has been folded up into a tiny square and tucked away to be disposed of in a trash can that you won't be emptying.
  • The car uses a lot of gas 16 of 17
    The car uses a lot of gas
    Gas sure is costly. Good thing those junk food purchases at the gas station show up on the bank statements as gas!
  • I havent ordered anything online in a long time. 17 of 17
    I havent ordered anything online in a long time.
    I admit it. I might have ordered one or two things. But for some reason they got shipped to my parent's house instead of here.


By no means am I encouraging you to lie to your spouse. Always remember that honesty is the best policy. Sometimes. Not to mention, you’d probably be mad if they lied to you. Lucky for me; however, husbands don’t lie.

What are some lies you tell your spouse?


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