18 Amazing & Awe Inspiring Alphabets! A New Way to Learn the ABCs

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One of the first big things kids learn in school? Their ABCs.

The alphabet is a fundamental foundation to their entire scholastic career and their lives. Knowing those 26 letters will lead them to literacy, to learn and to grow. It will also lead them to be creative. And it may be a good way (and a fun way) to start that journey with a creative approach by taking a look at the ABCs in an interesting and unique way. From letters found on the wings of butterflies to letters created out of bacon, these 18 ways of interpreting the alphabet that really are amazing and awe inspiring.

Check them out right here!

  • The Beef Alphabet 1 of 17
    The Beef Alphabet
    An interesting way to present ground beef.
  • The Lollipop Alphabet 2 of 17
    The Lollipop Alphabet
    It's not just pretty but tasty.
  • The Butterfly Wing Alphabet 3 of 17
    The Butterfly Wing Alphabet
    A gorgeous collection of letters on butterfly wings.
  • The Bacon Alphabet 4 of 17
    The Bacon Alphabet
    An entire alphabet constructed entirely of bacon.
  • The Body Alphabet 5 of 17
    The Body Alphabet
    Many flexible humans got together to create this alphabet.
  • The Truck Alphabet 6 of 17
    The Truck Alphabet
    Something fun to do on your next road trip.
  • The Vegetable Alphabet 7 of 17
    The Vegetable Alphabet
    An alphabet that is pretty enough to eat.
  • The Cloud Alphabet 8 of 17
    The Cloud Alphabet
    Another reason to take time to just lay down and watch the clouds.
  • The Street Alphabet 9 of 17
    The Street Alphabet
    A keen eye caught these.
  • The Nature Alphabet 10 of 17
    The Nature Alphabet
    Nature speaks!
  • The Hair Alphabet 11 of 17
    The Hair Alphabet
    An interesting way to use those hair cut clippings.
  • The Building & Sky Alphabet 12 of 17
    The Building & Sky Alphabet
    Glimpses of the sky through skyscrapers.
  • The Liight Alphabet 13 of 17
    The Liight Alphabet
    An alphabet that shines.
  • The Sign Language Ap Alphabet 14 of 17
    The Sign Language Ap Alphabet
    A cool way to learn sign language and the alphabet in general.
  • The Flower Alphabet 15 of 17
    The Flower Alphabet
    A floral way to go through the ABCs.
  • The Clothes Pin Alphabet 16 of 17
    The Clothes Pin Alphabet
    The humble clothing pin turns into the ABCs.
  • The Cupcake Alphabet 17 of 17
    The Cupcake Alphabet
    A delicious way to learn your alphabet.

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