18 Most Annoying Christmas Gifts for the Kids of People You Hate

It’s the holidays and thoughts turn to buying that perfect gift that will so perfectly suit the recipient.

For a little dose of holiday fun, (inspired by this Gawker list) the Strollerderby gang gathered together our picks for those truly obnoxious gifts that you’d only buy for the kids of people you hate!

Check out this rundown of 15 gifts that will make your enemy’s world just a little more crazy (and yes, this is all in good fun, so don’t pile on the hateful comments!):

1. Play-Doh
2. Drum set
3. Craft sets with a million little beads
4. Crafts with glitter glue
5. Tickle Me Elmo (or any dancing and singing doll, for that matter)
6. The dog that poops
7. The doll that poops
8. Kazoo
9. “Annoying Orange” toys
10. “Fred” movies
11. Chipmunks movies and/or soundtracks
12. Moon Sand
13. Any toy with massive amounts of twisty ties in the packaging
14. Whoopie cushion
15. Animal sound slippers
16. T-Pain microphone
17. Flying screaming monkey
18. Fisher-Price corn popper

If you’re looking for even more evil gift ideas, visit this list on Gawker.com.

Have your kids ever gotten any of these annoying toys or products?

For nice gift ideas, check out our holiday gift guide!

Article Posted 6 years Ago

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