18 Ways to Feel Sexier Postpartum

For weeks I have been in a funk when it has come to my appearance. During my pregnancy everyone told me how beautiful I looked and while I didn’t feel beautiful because I was always nauseous or dizzy for the 39 weeks I was pregnant, I happily embraced my growing belly and even wore tight figure fitting shirts, something I never did before. I enjoyed not having to wear empire wasted tops and not sucking in my stomach during photos. I was learning to work my waddle too.

As my littlest one gets bigger (she’s already two months!) I find myself wanting to reclaim my sexiness. And while my physical appearance may not be ideal in my mind, I admit some days I am harder on myself than others, that doesn’t mean sexiness isn’t an option. I have found that there are things that I have done and can do that have the ability to impact how I feel thus resulting in a happier, prettier, and sexier me. Continue reading for 18 ways to feel sexier postpartum.



  • Wear Something That Compliments the Body You Have Now 1 of 18
    Wear Something That Compliments the Body You Have Now
    For weeks I was adamant that I did not want to buy anything until I got my pre-pregnancy body back but yesterday I went to Trader Joe's and I purchased a pumpkin pie and a jar of Cookie Butter. Not trying to be overindulgent I put back the chocolate lava cakes I was going to buy. Loosing this weight may take a little longer than I initially anticipated. I have yet to see if I can squeeze into my post pregnancy jeans but my stomach is loose and wrinkly and it obvious that someone was living in there for awhile. While some of my old clothes fit my new boobies prevent many of them from being comfortable.

    This past week after being sick of complaining about how I have "nothing to wear" I broke down and purchased a new shirt. It is flowy and flattering with a little bit of sparkle. Most importantly I feel comfortable in it and pretty. Even if you don't want to purchase an entire wardrobe invest in a few figure flattering clothing pieces. I'm currently obsessed with the stylish flowy shirts and dresses at Spool No. 72.
    Copper Starlight Dress, $68
  • Show Off Your New Assets 2 of 18
    Show Off Your New Assets
    I realize that once I stop breastfeeding my boobies are going to deflate so I might as well enjoy these perky breasts of mine while I have them. I'm not saying to let the girls go free and wear something with a plunging neckline but there is no need to hide behind a turtleneck this season.
    Bellatrix Drape Front Blouse available at Nordstrom, $88
  • Buy Some New Underwear 3 of 18
    Buy Some New Underwear
    It is time to retire those granny panties you have been wearing while you wait for the postpartum bleeding to stop. Buy yourself some sexy new underwear and a new bra to hold those girls up. Some nursing bras have gotten sexier too just in case you are wearing them these days.
    Plum Pudding Flexible Wire Nursing Bra and Plum Pudding French Knicker by Cake Lingerie, $59.90, $27.90
  • Get Your Hair Done 4 of 18
    Get Your Hair Done
    For several weeks I don't think I brushed my hair unless we were having company. When I finally went to the salon my hair resembled a bird's nest. After I left I felt like a new woman. I looked like one too.
  • Speaking of Hair — Cut it. Trim it. Wax it. Tweeze it. Thread it. Shave it. Just do it. 5 of 18
    Speaking of Hair — Cut it. Trim it. Wax it. Tweeze it. Thread it. Shave it. Just do it.
    Now that your belly is no longer in the way and you can see down there it might be a good time to do some maintenance on that lawn. Even shaving my legs made a difference in how I felt. Same with my eyebrows. It is amazing how something so small like tweezing or waxing your eyebrows can change your look.
  • Smile 6 of 18
    As you find your groove after giving birth you will find that you have more time for the little things like brushing your teeth! My husband loves when I smile. Not my sarcastic "I am annoyed with you because you got sleep and I didn't smile" but a real genuine smile. And I do look much prettier with a smile versus a frown.
  • Shower 7 of 18
    It's impossible to feel both sexy and funky at the same time. So I recommend showering. Or take a bubble bath. Funk removal is also it is helpful should you decide you are ready to give your spouse some loving.
    Baby Light Up Duck available at Bath & Body Works, $4
  • Exercise 8 of 18
    Don't you ever see on TV or in the movies where two sweaty people make passionate love? (Not my thing either. Please refer back to the previous tip.) Exercising can improve your overall mental state and help you to start feeling good about yourself as you make an effort to reclaim your body. So put down the pumpkin bread (or better yet get a Ziploc bag and take it to go!) and take the baby and go for a walk. I am going to start exercising too. "Tomorrow."
  • Challenge Yourself 9 of 18
    Challenge Yourself
    You know that on top of the world feeling you have when you have just accomplished something you set out to do. That "I am woman hear me roar" feeling? Sign up for a class or a 5K. I signed up for one which means I better start exercising! "Tomorrow."
  • Find or Reclaim Your Passion 10 of 18
    Find or Reclaim Your Passion
    Confidence is sexy. When I am doing something I feel I am good at I feel a sense of confidence. Feel good about a quality or ability you have outside of being a wife or a mom. Get back to writing, photography or sewing. Whatever it was that made your heart sing and made you feel good before the baby do it, even if it's just for a couple of hours here and there.
  • Put on a Little Makeup 11 of 18
    Put on a Little Makeup
    Even if it is just one thing. Mascara works wonders for my tired sleep deprived eyes. Blush, lip gloss, a touch of shimmer. Whatever your go-to makeup product is use it!
  • Wear High Heels 12 of 18
    Wear High Heels
    Step away from the flats and put on some heels. Even if you aren't comfortable wearing them out you could always wear them in the bedroom.
    Steve Madden 'Realove' Pump available at Nordstrom, $79.95
  • Add Some Sparkle 13 of 18
    Add Some Sparkle
    Whoever said glitter is just for little girls was all wrong. I love me some sparkle. It perks up my mood and can enhance my outfit. Whether it is a sparkly bobbie pin in my hair, earrings or a brooch it's time for you to shine. I started wearing's during my pregnancy and haven't stopped.
    Mini heart, $10
  • Get a Manicure and Pedicure 14 of 18
    Get a Manicure and Pedicure
    Not only is getting a mani and pedi relaxing but when my toes are done I am more inclined to play footsies with my Mr. Besides, sexy lingerie and old cotton socks don't seem like a dynamic duo in my opinion.
    Miss Fancy Pants nail polish by Essie, $8
  • Try a New Fragrance 15 of 18
    Try a New Fragrance
    Try a new sexy scent. I've heard men love
    pumpkin but there are thousands of other scents you can try. And if you're hesitant to wear perfume because of the baby, like I am, try a lightly scented body wash. Spit up does not have to be your signature scent.
    LOLA by Marc Jacbos available at Sephora, $88
  • Make a Difference 16 of 18
    Make a Difference
    Philanthropy is sexy. Make someone else feel good and instantly you feel good too. Trust me it works.
  • Look in the Mirror 17 of 18
    Look in the Mirror
    Remember Michael Jackson talked to the "Man in the Mirror." Well, you may have to talk to the woman in the mirror and give yourself a pep talk. You aren't always going to feel sexy. As I still strive to find my groove brushing my hair doesn't always seem like a priority. Yet I have noticed when I do take the time and make the effort even if it's something as small as putting on some mascara and blush my mood starts to change and I'm more inclined to venture out of the house.

    My husband has never seen my body without stretch marks and loose skin as I met him after having already had a child. The first time he saw my stomach he told me it was beautiful because it had done something amazing. It carried a child, my child. You may not feel pretty or sexy these days but your body is phenomenal!
  • Look at Your Baby 18 of 18
    Look at Your Baby
    If looking in the mirror didn't do it for you look at your baby, that beautiful person you carried and labored and continue to nurture. Girlfriend, you have got it going on. Now go on and reclaim your sexiness!


What things have you tried since giving birth to help you feel sexier?


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