18 Ways to Keep Yourself Feeling Sexy During a Dry Spell

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Try a few of these tips on for size while you’re weathering a dry spell.

It happens to everybody, male or female, married or single. Every once in a while, you go through a sexual dry spell. Whether it’s because you’ve just had a baby and you’re tired as all get out or you just went through a traumatic breakup, experiencing a dry spell can be a huge blow to your ego and leave you feeling tense. You may think, “Oh God, I’m not good enough, I’m not pretty enough, I’m too broken, no one likes me.” You may be abstaining on purpose to give yourself some “me” time before getting into another relationship. Either way, if you’re not careful, you can lose the self-esteem and energy boost that having a healthy sex life provides.

Here are some small things you can do during a dry spell that’ll help you feel sexy until it’s time to get back in the game:

  • Shave 1 of 18
    If you're like me, you hate to shave even when you have a reason to ... and if you don't have a reason to -- forget it! Shaving is an easy, quick way to feel sexy, and it gets you ready in case your dry spell suddenly ends!
  • Wax 2 of 18
    Look, I'm not big into conforming to beauty standards, but I'm just sayin', I do feel more presentable when my stash is in check. You could always get your eyebrows done, too.
  • Wear a lovely lotion/perfume combo. 3 of 18
    Wear a lovely lotion/perfume combo.
    It's true what they say, layering your scent makes it linger all day, and I've noticed it just makes me feel special. Plus, lathering your skin up with lotion is a nice sensual act and will leave you silky smooth.
  • Get a great haircut. 4 of 18
    Get a great haircut.
    I never feel better than the week or two right after I've gotten an amazing haircut. Don't be afraid to make a change - that will draw people's attention and garner lots of compliments, which will make you feel desirable.
  • Buy/wear clothes that actually fit you. 5 of 18
    Buy/wear clothes that actually fit you.
    The quickest way to lose ten pounds is to wear clothing that fits you properly. If you don't have any clothes that flatter your particular frame with its unique challenges and gifts, now is the time to get some. If you don't know where to begin, bring a friend and ask him/her to help.
  • Go solo! 6 of 18
    Go solo!
    Remember, you don't have to have a partner in order to make sweet love. Keep your skills up while you're in that dry spell and keep yourself interested in getting back in the game.
  • Hug and kiss when you can. 7 of 18
    Hug and kiss when you can.
    If you're in a relationship but you haven't been gettin' it on, be sure to still be affectionate with each other in the ways you can be. If you're single, get hugs from friends so you don't get to that lonely place where you're weirded out or totally thrilled by even the smallest touch.
  • Get a massage. 8 of 18
    Get a massage.
    In New York, you can get a great massage for about a dollar a minute. It might be slightly more expensive in other places, but it's worth the money! Sometimes a good massage is better than sex. You could always ask a close friend to give you one, and then you can trade places. A bonding exercise for sure!
  • Get a mani/pedi. 9 of 18
    Get a mani/pedi.
    Easy, cheap (in some places) or just DIY if you need to save. There's nothing like looking at shiny, shellacked nails to make you feel like a sexy beast. I wear mine short when I want to sport a dark, intense color like blue or purple. Seeing a fleshy fingertip at the end of a painted nail is totally hot. If you like yours long, try a skin tone or go French.
  • Get a facial. 10 of 18
    Get a facial.
    Or give yourself one at home. I've never had a professional facial, actually, but a friend is taking me to the spa for my birthday this year! I always feel super confident when my skin looks flawless.
  • Sleep in a hotel bed. 11 of 18
    Sleep in a hotel bed.
    OMG I live for the feeling of a squishy, white hotel bed. If you can't afford to stay in one that's worth your while, see if you can house sit for a friend, or spend the night in a guest bedroom. Sometimes just waking up on someone else's sheets helps spark your mojo.
  • Exercise 12 of 18
    I don't really need to say it because we all know exercise lifts endorphin levels, but I'll say it anyway. Not only does it give you energy, but that feeling of slight soreness you get after a workout puts you in touch with your sexy muscles, baby!
  • Wear lip gloss. 13 of 18
    Wear lip gloss.
    Gloss. Not lipstick. Shiny, plump, sexy gloss. It's a girl's best friend. The color doesn't have to be intense, just the shine!
  • Burn a delicious candle. 14 of 18
    Burn a delicious candle.
    You can spend anywhere from ten cents on a tea light to $150 on a candle from Bond No. 9, but why not settle for a $24 prize like this one from Voluspa. Yummy scents are sexalicious.
  • Make yourself a luxurious meal. 15 of 18
    Make yourself a luxurious meal.
    Going out to a fancy restaurant alone might just make you feel lonely, but preparing yourself a feast is going to make you feel like a sexy - and capable - winner. Try aphrodisiac foods like oysters, salmon or anything that uses chili peppers. For more on aphrodisiac foods, visit Cosmo.
  • Buy a new (or wear an old) delicate chain. 16 of 18
    Buy a new (or wear an old) delicate chain.
    I love chunky fashion jewelry as much as the next gal who loves chunky fashion jewelry, but there's something about the way a delicate chain with a charm you love lays on your neck that is so erotic. Trust me, no matter what you think, you have a great neck!
  • Wear lingerie. 17 of 18
    Wear lingerie.
    If you don't have any, get some. Whether it's a matching lace bra and panty set or a little silk nighty like this, you'll feel so awesome about being almost naked. If you're not into frill (or things that might itch), get a short cotton nighty! Just as cute, but comfy like sweats!
  • Go to the museum alone. 18 of 18
    Go to the museum alone.
    Not only will you feel empowered and cultured, it's the perfect place to linger in romantic thoughts. Unlike a bar, the museum is an ideal place to meet someone who's actually cool and nice, and even if you don't connect with your next lover, you'll be surrounded by beautiful art ... much of it featuring naked bodies! Win, win, win!

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