20 Crazy Couples Costumes

While the scary stuff makes me squirm and the sexy stuff makes my nose wrinkle, particularly when it comes in tween and teen sizes, I can’t help but laugh and smile at all the silly costumes that line party store shelves this time of year.

To be honest, Halloween has never really been my thing. Growing up we didn’t really celebrate it as a family. My brother and I did, however; we’d dress up and go to church where we still got our fair share of candy.  After all, at the end of the day, all that really mattered was that we had candy to take to school the next day just like everyone else did.

My husband’s experience with Halloween was very different. He dressed up and went trick or treating each year, so naturally it was something that he wanted our children to partake in. For us, our happy medium has been that we all dress up and attend church events and our good friend’s annual party for the children. We visit the pumpkin patch, get lost in the corn maze, and eat cupcakes with orange and black sprinkles. We tend to make an effort enjoy so much of what this time of year has to offer except anything that might cause me to wet my pants out of sheer terror or dress alike. In the seven years that he and I have been together we have yet to wear a couples costume, despite a part of me always thinking it would be a lot of fun.

This year the girls and I are dressing up as honeybees. Unfortunately, I couldn’t convince him to be a bee too (major bzzz kill) but, I did spy a bee keeper costume. Who knows, maybe I can convince him to dress as one while he engages in this season’s festivities with his three honeys.

So tell me, do you and your significant other plan on wearing couples costumes this year or are you planning to do your own thing? If you’ve already got your costume picked out I’d love to know what you’re going to be.

Be sure to check out 20 crazy Halloween costumes for couples after the jump.

  • Bee and Bee Keeper 1 of 20
    You think your spouse is the bees-knees and they think you're a keeper. Honey Bee $19.99 and Bee Keeper $29.99. Available at
    Party City
  • Jersey Shore 2 of 20
    For the couple who fell in love, out of love, and in love again by the shore. Orange you glad you didn't toss out all that spray tan you purchased over the summer? Jersey Shore Mike $24.99 Snookie $29.99 Available at
    Buy Costumes.com
  • Adam and Eve 3 of 20
    For the confident couple who is comfortable in their own (fake) skin and who we all hope we don't run into while out with our children. $31.99 Available at
  • Barbie and Ken 4 of 20
    For the couple who isn't really into thinking "out of the box" or engaging in a little PDA. Doll Box $60.97 Ken Kit $32.97 Available at
    Couples Costumes
  • Baywatch Lifeguards 5 of 20
    For the HOT couple who wasn't ready to say goodbye to summer. You're sexy and you know it. Mens Lifeguard $24 Ladies Lifeguard $50 Available at
    80s Tees
  • Bun in the Oven and Bun Maker 6 of 20
    You two are sweet on each other and you've got some exciting news to share. Bun Maker $32.97 Bun in the Oven $50.97 Available at
    Couples Costumes
  • Plug and Socket 7 of 20
    This is not a 1990's Glade commercial. Please don't "plug it in." $36.99 Available at
    Costume Super Center
  • Cry Babies 8 of 20
    They were wrong. Big girls do cry. Big boys cry too. $36.99 Available at
  • Spoon and Fork 9 of 20
    Ever heard the saying "spooning leads to forking"? Me neither. $49.99 Available at
  • Custom Skeleton Xray Shirts 10 of 20
    For the more transparent couple who likes to keep things simple. X-Ray Maternity Shirt $29.99 Sympathy Bump Shirt $19.99 Available at
  • M&M’s 11 of 20
    For the couple that is both sweet and a little bit nutty. $59.99 Available at
  • Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head 12 of 20
    For the couple who has stood the test of time. At one time in our lives we have all adored you. Available at
  • Operation 13 of 20
    For the couple who may or may not have had a few surgical procedures. Operation $43.99 Operation Sexy $50.97 Available at
    Couples Costumes
  • Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich 14 of 20
    The perfect pair. Ok on your own but better together. $30.84 Available at
  • Rubiks Cube 15 of 20
    For the couple whose Facebook relationship status is "It's complicated". $69.99 Available at
  • Salt and Pepper Shakers 16 of 20
    Go on; shake what your mama gave you. $49.98 Available at
  • Tooth and Tooth Fairy 17 of 20
    You two are rebels, not the least bit afraid that your children might find out who the tooth fairy really is. Tooth $49.83 Available at
    Amazon Tooth Fairy $29.95 Available at
  • Toothbrush and Toothpaste 18 of 20
    For the couple who likes to keep things fresh and exciting. Toothbrush $29.56 Available at
    Amazon Toothpaste $36.75 Available at
  • USB Port and Stick 19 of 20
    Just remember it is never appropriate to back up your data in front of the children if you know what I mean. $39.99 Available at
    Costume Supercenter
  • Pregnant Nun and Priest 20 of 20
    No comment. Pregnant Nun $41.99 Available at
    Amazon Priest $11.88 Available at

Special thanks to my lovely predecessor Lori for the idea!


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