20 Creative, Amazing and Crazy Duct Tape Prom Dresses (and Suits!)

I’ve seen some pretty crazy prom dresses (hello, eighties!) but these duct tape creations are unbelievable!

Some of the stuff these kids came up with will blow your mind. Not only does creating your own duct tape dress make you a real stand-out at prom, but thanks to Duck brand duct tape, the couple who makes the coolest creation from Duck’s multi-colored tapes earns a $5,000 scholarship.

If you’d like to enter your son or daughter’s duct tape prom ensemble into Duck’s Stuck at Prom contest click here. You have to enter by June 10th. The top ten will be announced and voting begins on June 13th. You can check out the FAQ’s on Duck’s page here. Note! Second place gets $3,000 and third gets $2,000! Not only that, but they win that same amount for their school too!

If you’d like to get started on helping your kid craft their own prom dress or tux, below are all the winners and honorable mentions from 2012’s contest. Get ready to be amazed. Forget Project Runway, these kids are geniuses! Check ’em out and get inspired!

All photos used with permission from Duck Tape

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  • Lara and Cole 2 of 22
    Lara and Cole
    This couple is the winner of last year's scholarship. Lara spent 18 hours on her dress and used a whopping 127 rolls of tape. She tells Duck, "We were inspired by vintage romance meets red carpet fashion. The lace pattern has seven different flower and scroll designs to make it look like actual fabric. "
    Source: Duck brand duct tape
  • Kelvin and Kailie 3 of 22
    Kelvin and Kailie
    This couple won second place last year. Kailie says, "Although this project started out with just us, many of our friends came in to help and our project quickly turned into a team effort. These Lady Gaga inspired outfits we made are adorned with over 1000 5 layer red diamond pieces each individually cut." They used 40 rolls of tape and 105 hours of time.
    Source: Duck brand duct tape
  • Brooke and Mark 4 of 22
    Brooke and Mark
    Brooke and Mark took third place in 2012. They used 42 rolls of tape and it took 210 hours! No wonder, look at those ruffles! Brooke says, "Our goal was to incorporate a western style but also make a bold statement in color and design to our prom attire and accessories."
    Source: Duck brand duct tape
  • Nasia and Caine 5 of 22
    Nasia and Caine
    62 rolls used here and it took 92 hours. Nasia says, "Measuring the time and tape was the most difficult because we made a lot of mistakes at first and had to try and fail before knowing how to do it."
    Source: Duck brand duct tape
  • Austin and Alexa 6 of 22
    Austin and Alexa
    This couple was a runner-up last year. Alexa tells Duck it took 113 hours and 34 rolls of tape. "The dress is made entirely out of duct tape and wire. First, we set out the wire and covered it flat with duct tape." The flowers are amazing.
    Source: Duck brand duct tape
  • Back view 7 of 22
    Back view
    Worth a look from behind as well.
    Source: Duck brand duct tape
  • Sheridan and Ashton 8 of 22
    Sheridan and Ashton
    Another runner-up from last year. These outfits took 45 hours and just 25 rolls of tape. Sheridan says, "Of course the whole thing is made out of duct tape! From the dress and tux right down to everyone of the flowers (about 200 of them), to the hand cut details on the tie and the centers of the flowers and buttons on the tux."
    Source: Duck brand duct tape
  • Helen and Brad 9 of 22
    Helen and Brad
    Helen and Brad used 165 hours and 48 rolls of tape. Helen says her dress is made entirely from duct tape. "3 wire hoops for volume and recycled motor wire in the lilies. The lilies were the real time consuming part of this project, as each petal was made individually, and no two petals are identical. "
    Source: Duck brand duct tape
  • Yvonne and Kevin 10 of 22
    Yvonne and Kevin
    This couple used 40 rolls of tape and it took 143 hours. Yvonne says, "For our prom attire, Kevin and I went with a music theme, but with a unique twist. Our outfits were inspired by an old sketch that I found in one of my old middle school notebooks of a dress with piano keys and a giant music note at the top. "
    Source: Duck brand duct tape
  • Rebecca and Jay Travis 11 of 22
    Rebecca and Jay Travis
    It took Rebecca and Jay Travis 200 hours to make their outfits. The couple tells Duck it took 60 hours. "Jay and Rebecca started this process wanting to create prom attire in which duck tape was the only visible medium used. Their goal was to please the eye, but to not overwhelm it with a plethora of colors."
    Source: Duck brand duct tape
  • Gabrielle and Cole 12 of 22
    Gabrielle and Cole
    Shockingly, this couple only used 39 rolls of tape. Look at her dress! All in all, it took them 97 hours to create their look.
    Source: Duck brand duct tape
  • Becca and Nick 13 of 22
    Becca and Nick
    This couple used 58 rolls of tape. It took 138 hours to create their look. "When it comes to trying to look good in Duct Tape, Nick and I worked our hardest to do so with our favorite colors, green and black. The dress is a long black strapless, with a green swirl working its way around the dress."
    Source: Duck brand duct tape
  • Michelle and Adam 14 of 22
    Michelle and Adam
    Michelle and Adam used just 28 rolls of tape but it took them 121 hours. "Our prom outfits were greatly inspired by haute couture fashion with elements of the late 1940's along with a hint of western flare."
    Source: Duck brand duct tape
  • Lisa and Noah 15 of 22
    Lisa and Noah
    Lisa and Noah used just 17 rolls of Duck brand tape. But it took 142 hours. "We wanted to achieve a look that was modern and edgy, while still retaining classic elements of a normal tuxedo and prom dress."
    Source: Duck brand duct tape
  • Kelsey and Ian 16 of 22
    Kelsey and Ian
    Kelsey says, "The dress is made 100% from Duck Tape!!! EVERY CIRCLE was individually CUT and TAPED to the dress with each color flowing into the next one. The base of the dress is purple with alternating pink, orange, and yellow circles mixing on their way down." It took her 27 rolls of duct tape and 93 hours to make.
    Source: Duck brand duct tape
  • Faith and Malanie 17 of 22
    Faith and Malanie
    It took the girls just 48 hours to make their dresses. They used 36 rolls of tape. "The dresses started out with the bases (one was green and the other was pink). Then numerous lime green, pink, and chrome swirls were made with wire helping them keep their form and attached to the bases."
    Source: Duck brand duct tape
  • Emily and Jordan 18 of 22
    Emily and Jordan
    Emily and Jordan used 30 rolls of tape and it took them 55 hours. "The outfit we created was inspired by the digital camo print that DuckBrand carries. We constructed a dress and tux that are military themed to honor the troops of America who have fought for our freedom and continue to do so today."
    Source: Duck brand duct tape
  • Kira and Justin 19 of 22
    Kira and Justin
    Holy crap. It took Kira and Justin 210 hours to create these outfits. Thtey tell Duck, "We decided to treat this as a sculpture more than just a duct tape dress."
    Source: Duck brand duct tape
  • Colleen and Alexander 20 of 22
    Colleen and Alexander
    Colleen used 15 rolls of tape and spent 30 hours on these ensembles. She tells Duck "I had to make a model of my body and use it as a frame for the duct tape layers of the dress. The dress, purse, and tie are entirely duct tape. The jacket and pants are cloth covered in duct tape. The shoes are normal pairs of shoes stylized by duct tape. The dress layers were created by starting a layer underneath and close to the edge of the previous layer, increasing the circumference of the layer each time. The white color of the splatter paint layer was colored in with a fine point sharpie."
    Source: Duck brand duct tape
  • Tzu-Yang and Kelvin 21 of 22
    Tzu-Yang and Kelvin
    This couple wins the least amount of tape used with just 11 rolls! It took them 35 hours to create their look. "Inspired by Alice in the Wonderland and the geometric shapes around us. We wanted to bring a little movement into the look with lines. "
    Source: Duck brand duct tape
  • Samira 22 of 22
    Samira says she used 20 rolls of Traditional Silver and Electric Blue Duck tape and the dress took her 34 hours to make.
    Source: Duck brand duct tape

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