20 Disney Movies That Make Boys Cry

I cry at a movies.

Not a newsflash to those who know me, considering I’ve nearly suffocated myself with wads of tissue on more than one viewing occasion.

Tip: Don’t stuff them all in your mouth at once. There’s no stifling those sobbing gasps once they start. Besides, you paid for your seat. Go ahead and float in it.

For those of you who similarly ugly cry and leave the shoulders of menfolk who join you at the theatre sopping wet and clammy from the wailing and wringing of hands, you know just how well Disney can tell a story, especially one that tugs at all those motherly heartstrings until said heart plummets down into your shoes and shatters into a million weeping pieces.

But which Disney movies make our boys – and men – that watch with us cry?

A thoroughly unscientific polling of men – dads, grandpas, my six-year-old, and even a roomful of high school boys a teacher asked – across various social networks reveals that they cry just as much as we do.

Somehow, they just get most of those tears to trickle down the backs of their eyeballs and get trapped in their wild nests of nose hairs instead of streaming down their rugged, manly faces.

So there you have it. Under all that swagger, they do have soft, pillowy souls.

Ranging from specks of dust in their eyes to full on allergy attacks, these are the 20 Disney movies that make boys’ eyes leak most:

  • The Lion King 1 of 20
    Mufasa falls slow motion into the herd of Wildebeest... and his doom. Then, he comes back, going all cloud manifestation as a teenaged Simba runs across the plains desperately trying to get closer? That's deep stuff. Painfully deep.
  • Up 2 of 20
    Carl finds Ellie's childhood scrapbook with a note encouraging him to find adventure. Yeah, no, I can't even say any more.
  • Wall-E 3 of 20
    Eve frantically tries fixing Wall-E and he doesn't respond. Then she holds out her hand and... WAHHH!
  • Brave 4 of 20
    The sun starts to rise, Queen Elinor's bear eyes cloud over as they lose their last bit of connection to humankind, Merida weeps, King Fergus goes slack jawed, Celtic music swells...
  • The Fox and the Hound 5 of 20
    Once the two realize they can't be friends anymore, well, that's just cold. And lonely. And SAD.
  • Toy Story 1-3 6 of 20
    So many moments in this trilogy made men choke on their own Adam's apples: the incinerator scene, the last time Andy plays with his toys, Chuckles the Clown... damn you, talking playthings!
  • The Odd Life of Timothy Green 7 of 20
    Everyone cried through this one. The whole movie. Even when they were laughing.
  • Lilo & Stitch 8 of 20
    When Stitch realizes what "ohana" really means. Tear.
  • Wreck-It Ralph 9 of 20
    Remember when Wreck-It Ralph takes those meathook hands and bashes Vanellope's race car into sugary smithereens to protect her? That. SO that.
  • Cars 10 of 20
    Two words: "Our Town."
  • Tangled 11 of 20
    The lantern scene got a surprising number of menfolk watery eyed. And the part when Rapunzel's father cries just thinking about her? Sniffle.
  • Pooh’s Heffalump Movie 12 of 20
    The "Shoulder to Shoulder" song gets my son every single time. Without fail.
  • Ratatouille 13 of 20
    The moment Anton Ego lifts that fork laden with carefully crafted Ratatouille and is flashed back to sunny boyhood nostalgia in his mother's kitchen? No. I can't say any more.
  • Meet the Robinsons 14 of 20
    Adoption? Meeting your future self? Meeting your dad as a boy? Seeing the woman who left you on the orphanage steps when you were just a baby? Grey's Anatomy has less drama to work with.
  • The Muppets 15 of 20
    Oh Walter. Is he a man or a Muppet? Why does a character made from felt and wire and googly eyes make us cry so?
  • The Princess and the Frog 16 of 20
    Ray is dying, and looks forward to finally being with his Evangeline. Then, at his funeral we actually see a second star join Evangeline in the night sky. Wobbly chins, people. Wobbly chins.
  • Tarzan 17 of 20
    The shipwreck, parents working together to go all Swiss Family Robinson, then Tarzan's adult discovery of bloody footprints and his past set to Phil Collins' dulcet tones? It's just too much.
  • Dumbo 18 of 20
    All of it.
  • Finding Nemo 19 of 20
    The moment Marlin realizes he's alone, except for one tiny little egg he names Nemo, because Coral liked it. SOB!
  • Bolt 20 of 20
    Bolt tries to rescue Penny from the fire, then lays down next to her, giving up as heavy black smoke overcomes them both. So sad.

Photo credit(s): Walt Disney Pictures and Disney | Pixar

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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