20 Guys You Should Break Up With ASAP

You know you need to break up with the guy you’re seeing, but for whatever reason you’re being weak about it. He’s cute! What if you regret it? Stop. If you’re seeing one of the guys below, you need to break up with him asap. Some of these ideas come from Community Contributor “The Coquette” over at BuzzFeed SHIFT; I agree with her assessment that you need to kick these dudes to the curb and have added some archetypes of my own that apply specifically to single mothers. If one of these guys is your main squeeze, cut him loose! You can do better, gurl!





  • The guy who’s married. 1 of 20
    Yes, even if he's getting divorced or is separated. This should be a no-brainer, but nothing good will come of a relationship that is transitional or one that started with him cheating.
  • The guy who used to be your friend’s boyfriend. 2 of 20
    Unless you want to lose a friend. And probably a boyfriend, because only a guy you don't want to date dates his ex's friend.
  • Your ex boyfriend. 3 of 20
    Yeah. Coquette says, "Have a little ex sex if you must, but whatever you do, don't try and date an ex boyfriend."
  • The guy who won’t stop complaining about his ex. 4 of 20
    How long before that's you he's talking about like that? For the record, women do this, too. If you're still upset about your last relationship, you should probably take a break from dating so you don't bring all that baggage to your next relationship.
  • The guy who wants you to be besties with his ex. 5 of 20
    They're still close! You should all hang out together! Then maybe you could all get together for some drinks and see what happens! No thanks.
  • The guy who doesn’t like your kid. 6 of 20
    Don't do that to your kid. It's not fair, and it's probably not going to change. Try with someone else.
  • The guy who’s a social liability. 7 of 20
    If he could never meet your boss or your parents, he's got to go.
  • The guy who refuses to grow up. 8 of 20
    It's cool to stay vital and interesting, but it's not sexy to date a 50-year-old teenager.
  • The shady guy. 9 of 20
    You know the one. You don't know his friends, he's unemployed and not really looking, he goes missing for periods. Yeah. Bye-bye.
  • The guy who gets your kids all sugared up and then has to go. 10 of 20
    "Here's a lollipop, I gotta go to work! Bye!" No.
  • The fratty guy. 11 of 20
    Drinking is fun, but not that fun.
  • The guy who won’t take your kids out. 12 of 20
    He loves to take you to fancy dinners, but would it kill him to take the whole crew to the pizza place once? If you've got kids and you're looking for someone to join your family, make sure he's a family-minded man.
  • The guy you just met who is way too into your kid. 13 of 20
    Not that he's creepy with kids, but he could be using your kids to try to tug at your heartstrings. Make sure your kids don't end up in the middle of any relationship drama.
  • The guy who omits the truth. 14 of 20
    Coquette says, "He'll keep saying that he didn't lie to you, but so what? Omitting the truth is still a willful act of deception. If you notice a pattern of behavior where a guy deliberately chooses not to be forthcoming about stuff you both should know, kick his ass to the curb. Romantic relationships are no place for shady lawyer's tricks." Agreed.
  • The guy who just wants to play with your kids. 15 of 20
    If he has more fun with your kids than with you, he's gotta go. Feel free to hire him to babysit.
  • The guy you never see by the light of day. 16 of 20
  • The mega sports fan. 17 of 20
    I know some people will argue with this, but I'm with Coquette here. "It's fine if he follows sports, and it's fine if he has a favorite team, but being a super-fan shouldn't be one of his defining characteristics. Building an identity around a sports team is the number one sign that a guy is weak-minded and lacks personality."
  • The guy who is dating you because he knows you’re fertile. 18 of 20
    When you're a single mother dating, you're bound to come across a man or two who is dating you because he wants to have kids asap and he knows your uterus works. Make sure he really likes you, not your baby-making potential, and is willing to take time to let the relationship grow before having kids.
  • The guy who’s suspiciously similar to your dad. 19 of 20
    Or your mom for that matter. They say you don't date your opposite sex parent, but the one you have the most issues with. Coquette says, "If you catch yourself resolving your childhood issues in your adult relationship, break it off and find a good therapist." I second that (and have done it)!
  • The guy who awkwardly tolerates your kid. 20 of 20
    He likes you, and he wants to like your kid because he thinks you're hot, but he can't fully embrace her. Sorry. Not gonna work.

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