20 Hilarious Back-to-School Photos

Many of you are already enjoying the quietude that back-to-school brings to your home. Unfortunately, I’m still wrangling toddlers over here so there is no school day relief in sight for me.

That doesn’t keep me from enjoying a hilarious back-to-school photo. Whether it’s a misspelled school marquee, a questionable store display or an overjoyed mother bidding adieu to her school bound brood, I get a kick out of funny back-to-school photos.

I rounded up the 20 funniest from around the Internets for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy! Especially if you get to click through while enjoying a leisurely cup of coffee because the kids are back to school today.

  • Back-To-School Awesomeness 1 of 21
  • Stock Up Now! 2 of 21

     Back-to-school knife sale! Knives for the whole family!

    Image source: themetapicture.com

  • Back-to-School Booze Sale! 3 of 21

     Someone had to complain about this, right? Killjoy.

    Image source: bestmomstv.com

  • Pubic School Rocks! 4 of 21

     I wonder what they teach there?

    Image source: caspost.com

  • Turned On 5 of 21


    Image source: caspost.com

  • Oops! 6 of 21

     Okay, even I think this is unfortunate.

    Image source: bestmomstv.com

  • Back-to-School Pregnancy Test Bargain! 7 of 21

     That really is quite the deal! Stock up while you can afford it!

     Image source: caspost.com

  • Get Your School Uniforms Right Here! 8 of 21

    Mom! Can I get the pink one? Huh? CAN I?

    Image source: oddee.com

  • Beer and Wine Back-to-School Savings! 9 of 21

     Is the demographic teachers or parents? Both, probably!

    Image source: bestmomstv.com

  • School Essentials: Soil? 10 of 21

     That's quite the deal for back to school soil!

    Image source: bestmomstv.com

  • Welcome All STDs 11 of 21

    Obviously these students didn't take advantage of the back-to-school condom sale.

    Image source: failblog.org

  • Resistance Is Futile 12 of 21

     Don't even try.

    Image source: bestmomstv.com

  • Beer For The Kids! 13 of 21

     We've missed your illegal liquor purchases!

    Image source: bestmomstv.com

  • Condoms! 14 of 21

     Your back-to-school stop.

    Image source: 2pep.com

  • Back to Shool 15 of 21


    Image source: failblog.cheezburger.com

  • Yeehaaaw! 16 of 21

     Now, where is that back to school liquor sale again?

    Image source: caspost.com

  • Rental Guns Available! 17 of 21

     Another unfortunate back-to-school gun sale.

    Image source: caspost.com

  • S H C O O L 18 of 21

     They did it on purpose. Because school is cool.

    Image source: caspost.com

  • More Back-To-School Condoms 19 of 21

     Stock up while they're cheap, kids!

    Image source: 2pep.com

  • Wellcome Back! 20 of 21

     Okay, I'll be honest. This one took me a minute.

    Image source: failblog.org

  • Zero Days Left 21 of 21

    Mom, do you have to do this every year?

    Image source: caspost.com

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