20 Hilarious Marriage T-Shirts Because Forever Can Be Funny

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If everybody complains about marriage so much, then why do people get married?

I’ll tell you why, because marriage is worth it for all the right reasons (and often hilarious for all the wrong ones).

In my 13 years of marriage I’ve learned just one thing: you’ve got to be able to laugh at yourself and each other. Love may be a serious matter of the heart, but joy is what makes the journey worthwhile.

Take a look at 20 marriage t-shirts that celebrate the hilarity of ’till death do us part – after the jump!

  • I don’t get even, I get alimony 1 of 20
    And we wonder why so many men have commitment issues.
    Available from Etsy's DivorceTees, $16.00
  • Marriage as the leading cause for divorce 2 of 20
    You might have a point there.
    Available from Zazzle, $19.55
  • International Symbol for Marriage 3 of 20
    And here I always thought it was the eye-roll.
    Available from Cafe Press, $22.00
  • Can I vote on your marriage now? 4 of 20
    Equality for all, y'all!
    Available from Zazzle, $25.85
  • 60% of all marriages… 5 of 20
    ...end in sweatpants just as nature intended.
    Available from Look At Me Shirts, $19.99
  • Directionally challenged 6 of 20
    If a picture is worth a thousand words, this picture depicts the source of a thousand arguments.
    Available from Zazzle, $22.75
  • My wife says I never listen… 7 of 20
    ...at least that's what I think she said. Selective hearing, the hallmark of husbandry.
    Available from Cafe Press, $25.00
  • I _ _ _ _ my husband 8 of 20
    Love or hate, the choice is all yours.
    Available from Cafe Press, $29.50
  • Married romance 9 of 20
    For those of us who never seem to be on the same page.
    Available from Etsy's Screaming Into Pillows, $25.00
  • World’s smallest handcuffs 10 of 20
    More like world's most expensive handcuffs.
    Available from Cafe Press, $29.50
  • Marriage is… 11 of 20
    Nod a little louder, ladies. Your husbands can't hear you.
    Available from Meme Shirts, $21.74
  • I’m the boss… 12 of 20
    ...my wife said I could be. Gulp, hooray?
    Available from Cafe Press, $28.00
  • Behind every great man… 13 of 20
    ...is a woman rolling her eyes. I'll roll my eyes to that!
    Available from Etsy's SignatureTshirts, $14.95
  • 7 words to a long & happy marriage 14 of 20
    Yep, that about sums it up.
    Available from Zazzle, $21.05
  • Does this shirt make me look married? 15 of 20
    No, but the wedding ring does.
    Available from Zazzle, $22.15
  • I wear the pants in the family… 16 of 20
    ...but my wife tells me what pair to wear (and she sure as hell doesn't iron them).
    Available from Etsy's Screaming Into Pillows, $25.00
  • Do you want to talk to the man in charge… 17 of 20
    ...or the woman who knows what's going on? Well, do you?
    Available from Etsy's Preserve Vintage, $12.00
  • Let me ask my wife 18 of 20
    A sad shirt for a defeated man.
    Available from Zazzle, $22.15
  • Evolution of marriage 19 of 20
    Hey, where's the part where the woman does all the work?
    Available from Bad Idea T-Shirts, $17.99
  • Game Over 20 of 20
    Whomp, whomp. Thanks for playing.
    Available from Cafe Press, $25.00

Would you ever wear a marriage t-shirt?


Article Posted 6 years Ago

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