20 Hilarious Skeptical Baby Memes

I’ve been seeing the Skeptical Baby meme pop up everywhere and I LOVE this little guy.  When my kids were babies I would get that look a lot and it always cracked me up. You know, the one that says, “Mommy.  Are you freaking kidding me?” I still enjoy being patronized by small people who expect me to wipe their bums, so the amusement has never really gone away, even though they’re getting older.

This meme captures that feeling perfectly. I found really funny versions on websites like QuickMeme, ZipMeme and FunnyMeme and put all the best ones together right here. If you feel like submitting your own, you can head over to QuickMeme and add your own funny captions.

Some of these websites have a lot of the expected gross booby jokes, but many of them are really funny and right on. Given how many of these have been submitted and are still pending, I expect we’ll be seeing a whole lot of the Skeptical Baby in the weeks to come.

All images are courtesy of QuickMeme, ZipMeme and FunnyMeme.

  • Let’s hear that song again. 1 of 20
    Let's hear that song again.
    And again. And again. And wait for it.... AGAIN.
  • The dog? Really? 2 of 20
    The dog? Really?
    Dogs and babies are not the same, mom.
  • Dora the Explorer 3 of 20
    Dora the Explorer
    Everyone can certainly hear HER, since she never uses her inside voice.
  • Seriously… 4 of 20
    How'd that other kid get in here?
  • May I have some milk please? 5 of 20
    May I have some milk please?
    I prefer the old fashioned way.
  • You’re going to do WHAT? 6 of 20
    You're going to do WHAT?
    To my WHAT?!
  • Peek-a-Boo 7 of 20
    I just don't understand this.
  • Why is your spoon silent? 8 of 20
    Why is your spoon silent?
    Is it broken?
  • You know that’s right. 9 of 20
    You know that's right.
    My blow-outs also are saved for your stain-free clothes. You are very welcome!
  • Don’t lie. 10 of 20
    Don't lie.
    She has it. She showed it to me.
  • Now what? 11 of 20
    Now what?
    If that's NOT what it's all about, then what is?
  • The Force is strong in this one 12 of 20
    The Force is strong in this one
    Even if he's only a baby.
  • It was in my ear? 13 of 20
    It was in my ear?
  • The story is designed to confuse 14 of 20
    The story is designed to confuse
    Some people care about character development.
  • A simple question… 15 of 20
    A simple question...
    Well? I'm waiting.
  • She even pinned this meme. 16 of 20
    She even pinned this meme.
    Because it's awesome.
  • That’s terrifying. 17 of 20
    That's terrifying.
    Santa and the Tooth Fairy are hereby banned.
  • Bikini Bottom! 18 of 20
    Bikini Bottom!
    I totally get it now.
  • You’re kidding, right? 19 of 20
    You're kidding, right?
    Can't you get one of those forehead scanny beepy ones? Please?!
  • You don’t expect me to do that? 20 of 20
    You don't expect me to do that?
    That's gross.

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