20 Kids Movies That Will Make You Ugly Cry

You know you cried.

A couple of months ago, I made a comment on Facebook about how if Pixar didn’t stop making me ugly cry, I was going to lose my schmidt. I had just finished watching Toy Story 3 and during the last ten minutes of that movie I sobbed so hard my kids thought I needed professional help.

What started as an off-handed Facebook comment about me being a big cry baby turned into a discussion about the saddest kids movies ever made. Some of them are obviously tissue-worthy, but others sneak up on you and WHAM! You’re blubbering and like “Where did THAT come from?”

Let’s get started:

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  • Up 1 of 20
    I was not expecting the first ten minutes of this movie. The scenes about the old man's wonderful wife and their life together? HEARTBREAKING.
  • We Bought a Zoo 2 of 20
    A friend described this movie to me thusly: "I thought it was a comedy. But every mom there was crying and most of the daddies had that funny look. Like they were trying to hold back tears. Or had really bad constipation."
  • Bridge to Terebithia 3 of 20
    Great book, good movie, incredibly sad ending. BE WARNED.
  • Dumbo 4 of 20
    Dumbo's wrenching separation from his mom still makes me sad. Sniffle.
  • Toy Story 2 5 of 20
    Damn it, Sarah McLachlan. I might have been able to get through the scene where Jessy gets donated if you hadn't been singing about it. Actually, I would've cried either way.
  • Toy Story 3 6 of 20
    Why am I crying, kids? Because you see Andy grew up and he's this wonderful person and now he's [gulp] leaving. And his childhood is [sniffle] over and he's driving away from [incoherent muffled sobbing...]
  • ET 7 of 20
    I remember sobbing so loudly in the movie theater as a kid that strangers tried to reassure me that ET would be OK.
  • My Dog Skip 8 of 20
    Do you love dogs? Then grab a damn hanky.
  • Soul Surfer 9 of 20
    This movie is so inspiring. And apparently things that are inspiring make me cry like I have cancer of the puppy because I was a sniveling wreck through the whole thing.
  • Bambi 10 of 20
    Why do the moms always have to die? WHY?! Seriously?! Marlin and Nemo, I'm looking at you.
  • Despicable Me 11 of 20
    I adored this movie. But I wasn't prepared for how sweet and heartwarming the ending was going to be. Sigh... They're a family now.
  • Fox and the Hound 12 of 20
    You know what? We get it. Maybe foxes and hounds shouldn't be best friends. But did they have to make it so dang sad? COME ON.
  • The Lion King 13 of 20
    Totally cried. But at least they didn't kill his mother!
  • Marley and Me 14 of 20
    It was like Titanic - I knew how it was going to end... And yet I watched it anyway. I am an idiot.
  • My Girl 15 of 20
    If you watch this with your kids - brace them for the fact that something bad is going to happen to that nice little boy. I was traumatized.
  • American Tail 16 of 20
    The little mouse is all alone. All alone... Somewhere out there...
  • Old Yeller 17 of 20
    Seriously? Saddest movie ever. This one makes daddies cry. This one is so sad it makes Dick Cheney cry.
  • The Iron Giant 18 of 20
    The Iron Giant is such a good movie. I know it's a beautiful ending about sacrifice and deciding who you want to be... But it's super sad.
  • Kung Fu Panda 2 19 of 20
    Some friends took their daughter to this movie. Their daughter is adopted from China. They left half-way through with their poor kid hysterically crying as Po's birth parents sacrifice themselves so that he can live. And now I'm sniffling again.
  • Bolt 20 of 20
    This movie is sweet and touching and (I think) sort of under-rated. And you'll probably cry at the end.

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Article Posted 6 years Ago

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