20 Minecraft Crafts: Yup, That’s a Thing

After my daughter begged, pleaded, and asked very nicely, I broke down. As a last minute addition to her birthday bounty, I bought her Minecraft.

If you aren’t one of the 14 million who have purchased and downloaded Minecraft for themselves or their kids, it is an “open world,” game where players use Lego-like cubes to build items and avoid zombies, spiders and “creepers.” The game has an adventure mode, a creative mode and an all important survival mode and kids (and adults alike) have embraced the deceptively simple gaming phenomenon. But what stuck me was the language used in the game, in particularly the phrase “craft.” During the game you collect various natural resources for “crafting.”

Now, my daughter is all about this online crafting, but I want to ensure that she does not lose her passion for offline crafting. But I shouldn’t worry. Her interest in Minecraft and real world crafting can be married. There is apparently a whole cottage industry of Minecraft inspired crafts with lots of inspiration, and items to buy, from the land of craftiness – the one and only Etsy.

  • Minecraft Cross Stitch 1 of 20
    Minecraft Cross Stitch
    This would look lovely on any Minecraft fan's wall - The Mindcraft cross-stich!

      Available here $47.
    Photo Source: Etsy/LigiaClaudia

  • Minecraft Creeper Knit Chucks 2 of 20
    Minecraft Creeper Knit Chucks
    Pretty sweet kicks! These knitted over Converse are a fitting tribute to the Creeper.

      Available here $130
    Photo Source: Etsy/PrettySneaky

  • Minecraft Pickaxe Pendant 14kt Gold 3 of 20
    Minecraft Pickaxe Pendant 14kt Gold
    For those who want a big of bling, a jewelry designer has created this Minecraft Pickaxe Pendant 14kt Gold.

      Available here $230
    Photo Source: Etsy/Sterling Kisses

  • Minecraft Creeper Leather Mask 4 of 20
    Minecraft Creeper Leather Mask
    Even though Halloween has come and past, you still wear this leather Creeper mask as you play...why not?

    Available here $40
    Photo Source: Etsy/Masquerades and Bonesaws

  • Minecraft Kids Slip-ons 5 of 20
    Minecraft Kids Slip-ons
    This crafty Etsy seller did a nifty job at decorating these children's slip-ons.

      Available Here
    Photo Source: Etsy/OddlyIndie

  • Minecraft Creeper Inspired Dress 6 of 20
    Minecraft Creeper Inspired Dress
    A Minecraft inspired pinup dress, of course! What every grown Minecraft girl fan needs.

        Available Here $129
    Photo Source: Etsy/RavenBombshell Available Here $129 Photo Source: Etsy/RavenBombshell

  • Choose Your Weapon Cross Stitch 7 of 20
    Choose Your Weapon Cross Stitch
    To honor the weapons of Minecraft, there is this interesting ode to swords and axes of the game.

      Cross stitch pattern available Here $4.99
    Photo Source: Etsy/SewOldSchool

  • inecraft Creeper Cake Toppers 8 of 20
    inecraft Creeper Cake Toppers
    For the geeky bride and groom who love Mindcraft here are these custom made creeper cake toppers...yeah, awesome.

      Available Here $65
    Photo Source: Etsy/zebrafishevents

  • Minecraft Cookies 9 of 20
    Minecraft Cookies
    As for an edible craft, here are these super cool Minecraft Cookies.

    Available Here $33
    Photo Source: Etsy/Custom Sugar Cookies

  • Minecraft Diamond Tool/Weapon Set 10 of 20
    Minecraft Diamond Tool/Weapon Set
    A pretty Perler project, one that most kids would love to do, but this Perler has some mad skills.

      Available here $14.
    Photo Source: Etsy/Molly

  • Minecraft Baby Pig 11 of 20
    Minecraft Baby Pig
    Now this crochet Mindcraft craft is adorable!

      Available here $12
    Photo Source: Etsy/SweetRiffs

  • Minecraft inspired Grass Cube Tissue Box Cover 12 of 20
    Minecraft inspired Grass Cube Tissue Box Cover
    When you have to blow your nose while playing Mindcraft, this Mindcraft inspired tissue box cover comes in very handy indeed!

      Available here $18.
    Photo Source: Etsy/sockmonkeyfun

  • Minecraft Creeper crochet hat 13 of 20
    Minecraft Creeper crochet hat
    To keep your head warm, here is the Minecraft Creeper crochet hat, no worries wearing the enemy!

      Available here $16.
    Photo Source: Etsy/xtheowl

  • Minecraft Skirt 14 of 20
    Minecraft Skirt
    To dress like you mean business, Minecraft wise, here is the Minecraft inspired full skirt, made to order!

      Available here $45

    Photo Source: Etsy/NerdAlertCreations

  • Minecraft Pig Plush 15 of 20
    Minecraft Pig Plush
    It's a plushie! It's a pig! It's a plushie pig from Minecraft!

    Available here $30 Photo Source: Etsy/Colleen's Crafting Corner

  • Minecraft Creeper Love Note Card 16 of 20
    Minecraft Creeper Love Note Card
    With Valentine's Day just around the corner, this Minecraft inspired card is a perfect love note.

      Available here $4
    Photo Source: Etsy/LittleSketchyCards

  • Minecraft Cube Pillows 17 of 20
    Minecraft Cube Pillows
    A place to rest your head while you play!

      Available here $18
    Photo Source: Etsy/taftattack

  • Lego Minecraft Steve Character Figure 18 of 20
    Lego Minecraft Steve Character Figure
    This Etsy Lego lover created their own custom Minecraft Lego man, taking the game play offline.

      Available here $11.95
    Photo Source: Etsy/BricksCo

  • Custom Wool Felt Minecraft Dog Wolf 19 of 20
    Custom Wool Felt Minecraft Dog Wolf
    How cute is this Custom Wool Felt Minecraft Dog Wolf? So cute it sold already!

    Photo Source: Etsy/EclecticEeelShop

  • Minecraft Creeper Handmade Pillow Case 20 of 20
    Minecraft Creeper Handmade Pillow Case
    And the fun doesn't stop when you fall asleep! You can rest your head on this Minecraft Creeper Handmade Pillow Case if you dare.

      Available here $21
    Photo Source: Etsy/nicannmardee


Photo Source: Etsy


Article Posted 4 years Ago

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