20 Odd and Awesome Vintage New Years Cards

Christmas cards, birthday cards and Valentine’s Day cards are all pretty de rigueur, but New Year’s Day cards are far more rare these days. Although it does appear that there was a time when New Years Day cards were a “thing.” And a odd, adorable and sometimes awesome “thing” at that.

We’ve collected an eclectic mix of vintage cards from decades past from naked cherubs to champagne-sipping angels.

Check out these blasts from New Year’s Days past below:

  • Toast Time 1 of 19
    Toast Time
    A clown and a ballerina share a New Year's toast.
    Photo Source: Etsy
  • An Angel Knocks 2 of 19
    An Angel Knocks
    You wouldn't see a card like this produced these days.
    Photo Source: Etsy
  • A Flapper’s Greeting 3 of 19
    A Flapper's Greeting
    I love the bright colors of this '20s New Year's Day card. And she looks like she is having a grand old time.
    Photo Source: Etsy
  • Jan 1st 4 of 19
    Jan 1st
    A beautiful and simple card, it could be for any year.
    Photo Source: eBay
  • An Arts & Crafts New Year’s 5 of 19
    An Arts & Crafts New Year's
    A beautiful and timeless New Year's card from over a hundred years ago.
    Photo Source: Etsy
  • Kids and Cupid 6 of 19
    Kids and Cupid
    The kids look a bit freaked out, rightfully so.
    Photo Source: eBay
  • Beware the Train 7 of 19
    Beware the Train
    Nothing says "Happy New Year's" more than stepping in front of a train.
    Photo Source: eBay
  • Angels Indulge 8 of 19
    Angels Indulge
    Even the angels like a little bubbly now and then.
    Photo Source: eBay
  • Baby Boozers 9 of 19
    Baby Boozers
    Where are these kids' parents? That's what I'd like to know.
    Photo Source: eBay
  • Dogs, Chickens and Birds 10 of 19
    Dogs, Chickens and Birds
    Even the animals and birds are ready to wish everyone a Happy New Year's.
    Photo Source: eBay
  • The Gnomes 11 of 19
    The Gnomes
    The gnomes are dancing their joyful jig. Party!
    Photo Source: eBay
  • The Kids Are Up Late 12 of 19
    The Kids Are Up Late
    These kids are certainly up late aren't they?
    Photo Source: Etsy
  • It’s Time 13 of 19
    It's Time
    It's time for the new year.
    Photo Source: Etsy
  • Baby Goes for a Ride 14 of 19
    Baby Goes for a Ride
    Looks like this baby is going for a fun ride ... and naked too!
    Photo Source: Etsy
  • The Seasons 15 of 19
    The Seasons
    The seasons are happy to see the New Year's baby.
    Photo Source: Etsy
  • Oven the Moon 16 of 19
    Oven the Moon
    This dapper gent is over the moon, and quite a happy moon too.
    Photo Source: eBay
  • Take a Bow 17 of 19
    Take a Bow
    A little performs for Father Time and an audience.
    Photo Source: BananasAreBeautiful
  • Creepy Moon Guy 18 of 19
    Creepy Moon Guy
    I do not know what to make of this moon guy.
    Photo Source: New Years Cards Blogspot
  • The Owl 19 of 19
    The Owl
    That owl is pretty creepy like a warning for the new year.
    Photo Source: New Years Cards Blogspot

Image Above Photo Source: Etsy

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