25 of the Most Hilarious Recreated Childhood Photos (PHOTOS)

Something magical happened when I became a mother.

I became more compassionate. I don’t know what it is about having children that enables you to see the child in grown adults but it happens. Even when the most hardened of criminals garner headlines I wonder about them as a child. That person was a sweet, little baby once, I think to myself.

I feel the same thing when I look at the photos hundreds of people are posting online where they’ve recreated a childhood photo of themselves and with parents and siblings. In one glance you’re able to see the baby someone used to be. Some photos are quite touching and others are just plain hilarious.

It’s kind of a bummer that, as adults, we can’t roam around in public in our underpants or eat a cake without utensils. We should all try to do that a little more. It would do us some good.

I spent the day compiling the most hilarious of these childhood photo recreations for your viewing pleasure. The more accurate, the more humorous. Check ’em out.

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Never Too Old to Cuddle with Mom 2 of 26
I think this photo is my favorite of all of them.

Photo credit: Twisted Sifter
Snuggles! 3 of 26
Even though it's hilarious it's also a poignant glimpse at the bond moms and their sons share.

Photo credit: Josie's Juice
Brothers 4 of 26
Kudos for nailing this one!

Photo credit: Josie's Juice
Big Boy 5 of 26
Bold. Very bold!

Photo credit: Buzzfeed
Man at Work 6 of 26
This is what I'm saying... We should all roam naked and play with toys more.

Photo credit: Josie's Juice
Father and Son Share a Moment 7 of 26
How cute is this?

Photo credit: Josie's Juice
Siblings 8 of 26
There's something moving about witnessing the enormous span of time most siblings spend together in this life in a single photo.

Photo credit: Josie's Juice
Identical! 9 of 26
Where did he get the tie and glasses? Perfect match!

Photo credit: Josie's Juice
Brother and Sister 10 of 26
These two really dialed in the exact same expressions as when they were younger.

Photo credit: Josie's Juice
Bottle to Bottle 11 of 26
I spend a good portion of my time in this position.

Photo credit: Josie's Juice
Monkey Business 12 of 26

Photo credit: Josie's Juice
All Done! 13 of 26
You've got a little something on your face...

Photo credit: Buzzfeed
Giddy-up! 14 of 26
Ride 'em, cowboy.

Photo credit: Buzzfeed
Jazz Hands! 15 of 26
This is so fabulous there are just no words.

Photo credit: Buzzfeed
Batman Brothers 16 of 26
Same window, same chair, same coffee table: I think that's even the same room.

Photo credit: Buzzfeed
Precious Moments 17 of 26
A little father/son bonding time.

Photo credit: Buzzfeed
Ice Cream! 18 of 26
Another almost perfect match.

Photo credit: Buzzfeed
Family Vacation 19 of 26
These two photos make me so happy to be a mama.

Photo credit: Buzzfeed
Hey Little Buddy! 20 of 26
Nothing like a little father-son love.

Photo credit: Buzzfeed
Perfect Match 21 of 26
I don't think you can get more exacting than this photo. Even the background is identical.

Photo credit: Wix Blog
Playboy 22 of 26
I laugh at these every single time I look at them.

Photo credit: Wix Blog
Just Hanging Around 23 of 26
As the good lord intended.

Photo credit: Wix Blog
Standing Ovation for This One 24 of 26
This photo was submitted to who founded the YoungMe/Now Me book, which can be purchased on Amazon.

Photo credit: Young Me Now Blog
Tub Time 25 of 26
This. Is. Awesome. And very accurate!

Photo credit: The Chive
Birthday Boy 26 of 26
This guy did a good job matching the background angles. Oh. And he's wearing a diaper.

Photo credit: Young Me Now Blog

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