20 Scotch-Tape Portraits Bring Out the Hilarious Little Kids Living Inside Grown-Ups (PHOTOS)

Scotch tape portraits
Photographer Wes Naman evokes childhood fun with Scotch tape

Give a little kid a roll of Scotch tape and you’re sure to get a lot of things, including items stuck together that have no business being together and an absurdly good time.

Give an artist a role of Scotch tape and you get an entire series of photographs that harken a feeling of a carefree moment of childhood, not to mention a visual good time.

New Mexico-based photographer Wes Naman was wrapping holiday gifts with his assistant when they randomly started sticking tape on their faces.  Fast forward about a year and Naman released his Scotch Tape series of photographs in which he spent about 10 minutes per person wrapping their face in tape — a technique he says is a reliable way of wrangling “the absurd out of people,” according to Wired.

Naman then asked his subjects to try to wrangle the tape off their face using their facial muscles, which resulted in some pretty hilarious expressions.

Take a look:

All photos used with permission from Wes Naman/


Article Posted 4 years Ago

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