20 Totally Awesome, Odd & Unusual Hotel Rooms Kids (and Adults) Would Love (Photos)

My family recently spent three nights in a hotel downtown. It was a plain room with a bed, a window with a view of a highrise next door, and a mass produced painting of flowers on the wall.  The room, it was nothing and I mean nothing like any of these twenty fantasy suites.

In these unusual, odd and awesome rooms you and your kids can live in a dream like atmosphere from sleeping on a sandwich, slumbering in a pirate’s den or snoozing underwater. They run the gamut from the wacky, to the whimsical to the wonderful. Some aren’t actually for families, but rather for romantic retreats, but if kids got a chance to stay there, they’d love it.

Check out these twenty insane suites right here – which one is your favorite?

  • The Barbie Suite 1 of 19
    One of the coolest rooms in Las Vegas? The Barbie Suite at the Palms Hotel and Casino. While most would not equate Sin City with a child's doll, there is something about the blond bombshelliness of Barbie that works with casino life.
    Image: The Palms
  • The Batman Suite 2 of 19
    Okay, first I should inform you that this is not a room for kids. At all. It is one of the themed rooms at a 'love motel' (read- place for a quickie) in Kaohsiung City, Taiwan. The Eden Motel rents this room out at an hourly rate and includes 'perks' like free lubrication and sexy lingerie. Yeah, told you it wasn't for the kids.
    Image: Via Moviefone
  • The Fairytale Room 3 of 19
    At Disneyland, little girls who have a thing for princesses can now extend their royal treatment to bedtime. The Fairytale Suite at the Disneyland hotel is totally Cinderella worthy. Plus check out a couple more of the epically cool Disneyland suites later in the slideshow.
    Image: Disneyland Resorts
  • Candy Land Suite 4 of 19
    For a limited time a while back, the Renaissance New York Hotel 57 partnered with Dylan's Candy Shop to create the Candy Land Suite. Suite sweet dreams, right? I think pretty much any kid (or any adult for that matter) would love this room.
    Image Via: Popfi
  • Lunar Moon Landing 5 of 19
    For your little astronauts, this suite at the FantaSuite Hotel in West Bend, Wisconsin may be more intended for adults living out some kind of lunar love making, but kids? They'd love sleeping here too.
    Image Via; Trendhunter
  • Eloise Suite 6 of 19
    For those little girls who love all things Eloise, they can stay at the Betsey Johnson designed Eloise suite at the Plaza Hotel in New York City. Think pink and lots of it. Plus they can partake in an Eloise themed afternoon tea and spend all their allowance in the Eloise gift shop.
    Image: The Plaza
  • LEGOLand in Windsor 7 of 19
    The LEGOLAND in the United Kingdom opened a 150 room resort this past March. And one of the features? Themed rooms for the kids. This LEGO pirate themed room is pretty awesome.
    Image: LegoLand UK
  • The Twilight Suite 8 of 19
    To cash in on those tween and teen Twilight fans and the families that love them, the The Pacific Inn Motel in Forks, Washington, created the Twilight suite that provides," an experience, not just a place to stay".
    Image via: Crazy Critics
  • The Wild West Room 9 of 19
  • Nickelodeon Suites 10 of 19
    Nickelodeon's resort in Orlando brings the color in the form of bright wall murals of their cartoons such as the Fairly OddParents one depicted here. A bit much for the grown up but TV loving kids will love it.
    Image: Nick Hotel
  • Indoor Camping 11 of 19
    Twenty-one different artist designed the rooms at the Copenhagen Hotel Fox. They're arty, funky and pretty awesome (and each one is different). And what kid doesn't like an indoor tent.
    Image: Via: Home Design Source
  • Tron Room at the IceHotel 12 of 19
    At the IceHotel in Sweden, a "Tron Room" was carefully constructed from ice and neon. Unfortunately, this particular room has since melted. Each year the rooms of the IceHotel in the town of Jukkasjärvi are rebuilt by a variety of artists. And Ben Rousseau and architect Ian Douglas-Jones, they love Tron. A lot.
    Image: Via Curated
  • Stay in a Treehouse 13 of 19
    The treehouse inn is an idea that is spreading from Mexico to Oregon. This one here is in Maui and is one of the vacay destinations available to let from Hana Lani Treeshouses. A perfect place to live out all your Swiss Family Robinson fantasies.
    Image: Hana Lani
  • Disneyland Hotel’s Adventureland 14 of 19
    Last year I got to check out the totally spectacular set of luxury penthouse fantasy suites at the newly remodeled Disneyland Hotel. My favorite? The Adventureland Suite. It's exotic, unique and totally gorgeous, from the in room bathtub in the master bedroom, to the safari tent themed room for the kids. You'll feel like you are in Africa rather than in Anaheim.
    Image: Disneyland Resorts
  • Disneyland Hotel’s Mickey Mouse Penthouse Suite 15 of 19
    Does your family dream of staying in the house of mouse? Well, this is pretty much as close as you'll get. The suite has touches of Mickey everywhere from the red chairs to the Mickey Mouse tiled bathroom.
    Images: Disneyland Resorts
  • Disneyland Hotel’s Big Thunder Suite 16 of 19
    For those who love, and I mean love, the ride Big Thunder at Disneyland, there is the suite that pays homage to the wild west themed roller coaster. There is artwork on the whole of the ride, an outhouse like bathroom, and a big old-school cooper bathtub plus wood, lots and lots of wood.
    Image: Disneyland Resorts
  • Trucker Room 17 of 19
    For those little boys (or girls) who love their Tonka trucks, this room would be a dream come true. This suite at the Fantasyland Hotel in Edmonton, Canada also featured a faux gas pump and a traffic light chandelier.
    Image via: Design Crave
  • Jules’ Undersea Lodge 18 of 19
    For the family that prefers being under the sea then on land, the Jules' Undersea Lodge in Florida is a very unique way to spend the night.
    Image: Jules' Undersea Lodge
  • Medieval Castle Suite 19 of 19
    In Las Vegas you will find the Medieval Castle Boudoir at the Ron Decar's Motel. No, lances not included.
    Image: Ron Decar's Las Vegas Motel

(Above Photo: The Happy Days Suite at the FantaSuite Hotel in West Bend, Wisconsin. Image via: Break4Fun)


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