20 Totally Creepy Toys: From the Odd to the Offensive (Photos)

A Doll and His Guts

There is no accounting for taste. While some children whittle away the hours playing with their Barbies, Teddy bears, and their Legos, others are preoccupied tinkering with play poop, cuddling their lice doll, or fantasizing about growing up to become a safe cracker.

These twenty toys cover a wide example from totally gross and offensive to just plain odd. A few are not for the faint of heart, some are for kids (and parents) with lower aspirations while others may be perfect for a kid who has really embraced their family’s religion, but to us outsiders, may just come off as strange.

Check out these 20 totally off and unusual toys right here!

  • Doggie Doo Game 1 of 20
    Doggie Doo Game
    They composed a cute little rhyme to go along with this odd game: "Feed and Walk Your Little Pup. /When he Makes a Mess You Clean it Up! / Make your doggie a tasty treat. / Give him something yummy to eat. / Roll the die. / Squeeze his leash. What will he do? / Yep, that's right - you clean up his poo."
    Oh my.
  • The Titanic Water Slide 2 of 20
    The Titanic Water Slide
    Nothing is more fun than a deadly disaster at sea, or that is apparently the thought behind the Titanic kid's party water slide. Rent for your next death themed birthday party.
    Source: China Inflatables
  • Erwin Doll 3 of 20
    Erwin Doll
    Meet Erwin...and his guts! This odd doll opens up to reveal his insides. Not for the squeamish kid.
    Travel and Leisure
  • Baby Alive – This One Can Breath. 4 of 20
    Baby Alive - This One Can Breath.
    Baby dolls can be incredibly disturbing especially when they're mistaken for the real thing. The Layla doll by Kymberli Durden takes the creepy to a whole new level. This lifelike doll is "a baby so real, you can actually feel her breathe". Yes, the doll breathes. I'm getting the willies just thinking about it.
    Source: Paradise Galleries
  • Doctor Dreadful Wax Snax & Snot Shots 5 of 20
    Doctor Dreadful Wax Snax & Snot Shots
    This toy apparently is "oozing with flavor." This nose shaped toy is like a goo type gun where a sugary chocolate or vanilla treat is pushed out of the nasal cavities, for a "snot shot."
  • My Dog Has Fleas 6 of 20
    My Dog Has Fleas
    Not as gross as the "Doggie Doo" game, the game My Dog Has Fleas has been around since 1979. But it's still an odd one. Playing a game based on pest infestation seems like and odd choice for children.
  • Ten Plague Masks 7 of 20
    Ten Plague Masks
    Nothing says 'party' more than a handful of plagues! This is a set of all ten of the famous biblical plagues from Boils, to Blood to Locusts. Fun! It's actually for passover but still...
    Chai Kids
  • Ants in My Pants 8 of 20
    Ants in My Pants
    Just thinking of the name of this game makes me start to feel itchy. But what kid doesn't wanna throw plastic ants into a the pants of a dog wearing suspenders, right?
  • My Catholic Mass Kit 9 of 20
    My Catholic Mass Kit
    There are doctor's kits, Grandma's purse games and now, little kids can perform their own holy masses with this plush replica of the real thing. They're never too young to give blessings right?
    Source: The Catholic Company
  • McDonald’s Playset 10 of 20
    McDonald's Playset
    Some parents have high hopes for their children. They'd like to see them grow up to be a lawyer, a doctor or even President. Other folks? They're more realistic. Enter the McDonalds Drive Thru Center play set.
  • Fart: The Game 11 of 20
    Fart: The Game
    It's "Fast 'n flatulent card game" that is "great for parties." Because what doesn't say "party" more than lots of farts. Comes with a CD of 99 fart effects. Thankfully, there is no odor aspect to the game.
  • Hubert the Sperm 12 of 20
    Hubert the Sperm
    Forget all the myths of "the stork brought you" or "we found you in a cabbage patch", go directly to the truth with the Hubert the Sperm doll. A perfect way to introduce your child to the truth of their incarnation. Hubert the Sperm really does look happy doesn't he?
    Source: Zupton
  • Safe Cracker Set 13 of 20
    Safe Cracker Set
    There are oodles of aspirational toys for kids; fireman, doctor, ballerina. But have you thought of preparing your child for a career in crime? The Play Mobile people have just the thing with the Safe Crackers Set that includes two robbers, a safe, a suitcase of loot and the all-important blowtorch.
    Play Mobile
  • Plush Priest Doll 14 of 20
    Plush Priest Doll
    Some kids may get a Barbie, others might get a Ken, but somewhere some lucky kid is playing with the Father Juan Pablo Vocation Doll.
    We Believers
  • Scan It Operation Checkpoint Airport Security Scanner 15 of 20
    Scan It Operation Checkpoint Airport Security Scanner
    You know the "terrorists have won" when we start giving our kids toys like the Scan It Operation Checkpoint Airport Security Scanner. Nothing says "fun" more than detecting dangerous weapons and insuring safe air travel right? $29.95 for job training.
    Source: Sample Rewards
  • Pee and Poop Dolls 16 of 20
    Pee and Poop Dolls
    The subject of bodily functions is a wildly popular one for children of all ages, especially during that crucial potty training time when the notorious number one and number two are celebrated ad nauseam. Now is their chance to embrace the concept literally! The cuddly Pee and Poop Plush Dolls bring waste elimination right into your little one's arms. Urine and feces have never seemed so huggable.
    Baron Bob
  • Toy Circumcision Scissors 17 of 20
    Toy Circumcision Scissors
    Okay, this may be intended for dogs more than kids, but that a plush squeaky version of the Moyel circumcision scissors exists is just crazy!
  • Growing Up Skipper 18 of 20
    Growing Up Skipper
    Now this was an odd choice for Mattel to make. This Skipper grows boobs! You turn Skipper's arm and her breasts enlarge and grow. Odd no?
    Source: Cracked
  • Pooping Penguin Candy Dispenser 19 of 20
    Pooping Penguin Candy Dispenser
    I like penguins, I like wind-ups toys, I like candy, but methinks I don't cherish the thought of eating poop. This waddling Penguin Pooper takes the three afore mentioned elements and combines them all into walking, pooping, candy dispensing machine. I think now would be a good time to eliminate sugar from your kid's diet.
  • Lice Plushy 20 of 20
    Lice Plushy
    Raise your hand if you'd want a lice stuffy to cuddle at night. No? Really? Well, someone must because a Louse stuffed animal does indeed exist.
    Source: Tapir Back

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