20 Touching Quotes for Father’s Day from Freud, Jay-Z and More

Father’s Day is right around the corner, and it is an important day in all of our calendars. It’s a day to honor the men who raised us. A day to honor the men who raise our children. A day to give back to those who give so much. While mothers usually have the starring role in parenting, fathers in many families are co-stars and should share in the spotlight. To honor fathers everywhere, we’ve put together this collection of sweet and touching Father’s Day quotes from Sigmund Freud to Jay-Z. Enjoy!

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  • Fishing and Shopping 2 of 21

    I love this quote. It pays homage to dads who embrace their sons' interests as well as their daughters'.

  • Reflect 3 of 21
    Happy young man holding a smiling 4-5 months old baby, isolated on white

    How could you not love Sidney Poitier? He really took paying tribute to his father seriously and in such a wonderful way.

  • Wallet 4 of 21

    Oh so true. Kids are many things, and one of those things is EXPENSIVE.

  • Few Sons 5 of 21

    Let's hope that most men are raising their sons to be better!

  • Smart Father 6 of 21

    Dads always keep on getting smarter, don't they? It's the gift that keeps on giving.

  • Jay-Z 7 of 21
    MSA-008165 -2

    Jay-Z has a very full plate. I love that he would rather spend time with baby Blue Ivy.

  • Barack Obama 8 of 21

    This quote is so very true for every parent.

  • Robert Downey Jr. 9 of 21

    Robert Downey Jr. may play a superhero on the big screen, but he doesn't want to be one in the real world. He has a very realistic view on life.

  • Mark Wahlberg 10 of 21

    Mark Wahlberg has had a lot of roles, but he know what is the most important role of all.

  • Bill Cosby 11 of 21

    Yes, a message to all fathers: pretend to love that soap on a rope!

  • Best Gift 12 of 21
    Handsome young father with his young son, who is holding a Christmas gift

    Forget about the Nintendo or the new bike; the best present is to believe in your children.

  • Love 13 of 21

    Showing love is so important.

  • Hardships 14 of 21
    Closeup of father carrying son on his feet

    Honor what fathers everywhere have gone through to get you where you are today.

  • Protection 15 of 21
    Isolated tenderness. High Key.

    One of the biggest jobs of a father is to protect his children — even Freud agrees!

  • Father = love 16 of 21

    Nothing is sweeter than a daughter's love for her father.

  • Appreciate 17 of 21

    It's nice to always appreciate a father, but sometimes it only hits home once you leave home.

  • The Word Father 18 of 21

    Say the word "father". It has such a nice tone, doesn't it?

  • He Lived 19 of 21

    Sometimes the best lessons are effortless.

  • Raising Sons 20 of 21

    I love this quote! Parenting is all about the kids, not about the material things.

  • Family = Rich 21 of 21
    Closeup of cute girl embracing father against sky

    So very true. Money means nothing. Family means everything.

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