20 Unforgettable Disney Accents

I’ve had the privilege of hearing some pretty amazing accents from all over the world.  One of my favorite accents comes from my husband. He doesn’t have that heavy Filipino accent,but when you hear him speak, you can tell that English is not his native language. His accent is one of the most favorable things that I absolutely adore about my hubby.

Disney has had some pretty spectacular characters and have played with all sorts of accents. Some are captivating and romantic while others are just plain annoying.  Still, I love me some beautiful accents.

From the most articulate to the unintelligible accents to date, here are some of the best accents from my favorite character in a Disney animated movie.

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  • Miss Bianca 2 of 21
    I haven't seen The Rescuers in a long, long time and I had already forgotten about Miss Bianca's accent. It's a light accent, but if you listen closely, it's there. It's actually a very sweet accent. Love!
  • Panchito 3 of 21
    Yes, I had to mention The Three Caballeros. Besides Donald's character sounding the same, it's Panchito's Mexican accent that makes me love him even more.
  • Si and Am 4 of 21
    These two naughty cats get Lady into a heap of trouble but to be honest, whenever we watch Lady and the Tramp, I look forward to hearing their song!
  • Jacques 5 of 21
    Finding Nemo's Jacques is the cleaner of the fish tank and the French accent on such an unlikely character in the movie makes him super delightful to listen to.
  • Charlotte La Bouff 6 of 21
    I've never heard a heavier Southern accent than that of Charlotte in The Princess and the Frog. Pucker up, buttercup!
  • Timothy Q. Mouse 7 of 21
    Timothy is the best wing-man any person can have. This loveable character is fueled by helping Dumbo out and his wise guy accent make him one awesome BFF.
  • Mater 8 of 21
    "Shoot!" Come on know you all have said that a'la Mater. Where else would we get our chuckles in the movie Cars, if it weren't for our favorite tow truck, Mater? You know, it's like tuh-mater, but without the tuh!
  • Bert 9 of 21
    Oh, I love Bert's accent. Besides not being able to understand some of his words (thank goodness for closed captions!) Bert's heartwarming character is one of the reasons I love Mary Poppins.
  • Nani 10 of 21
    With a light hint of a Hawaiian accent, Nani has a beautiful voice in Lilo and Stitch.
  • Nigel 11 of 21
    Where would Nemo be if it weren't for the help of Nigel in Finding Nemo. With that Australian accent, I could listen to him talk all day long.
  • Prince Naveen 12 of 21
    Oh, Prince Naveen. Please, tell me more about my eyes. How about hearing some sweet melodies with his hunky accent. Yes? Princess Tiana from The Princess and the Frog is one lucky gal!
  • Sebastian 13 of 21
    I will never, ever get tired of hearing Sebastian sing "Kiss the Girl" in The Little Mermaid. His cool Caribbean accent will set the mood for any occasion.
  • Alice 14 of 21
    The accent for Alice in Alice in Wonderland is so simple and innocent. This is another movie I haven't seen in a while but I always, always remember her accent.
  • Heimlich 15 of 21
    His adorable German accent is also a little hard to understand at times throughout the movie It's a Bug's Life. Still, I can ride "Heimlich's Chew Chew Train" at Disney California Adventure time and time again, just to hear his voice.
  • Buzz Lightyear 16 of 21
    If you're wondering about why I put Buzz in the list, hold your space shuttle. I'll tell you why. In the 3rd installment of the Toy Story series, Buzz turnes into Spanish mode, remember? Well, in case you didn't know, the Spanish that he speaks, is Spanish, but with a Castilian accent. Very romantic and very suave. Lucky Jessie.
  • Fergus 17 of 21
    Ugh, Brave. The whole entire cast in the movie deserves to be here but I can't fit them all into the picture. All of the Scottish accents are delight to listen to. I love them all!
  • Finn McMissile 18 of 21
    Nothing like having a little British accent with your secret agent. In Cars 2, we were introduced to Finn McMissile who is actually fluent in two other languages. Can you guess what they are?
  • Jack Sparrow 19 of 21
    Jack, Jack, Jack. I think I can sit and watch Pirates of the Caribbean and listen to Jack talk all. day. long. Whether I understand him or not, I don't care. His accent has me wrapped around his little finger. I love me some Jack Sparrow.
  • Lumiere 20 of 21
    Where would Belle and Beast be, if it weren't for Lumiere's mon ami's and captivating French accent in Beauty and the Beast. He has one of my all time favorite accents.
  • Young MacGUFFIN 21 of 21
    Well, you know I had to throw him into the mix. Young MacGUFFIN in the movie Brave is so freaking hilarious because no one understands his accent! It's so heavy and they way Young Macintosh looks at him is so, so funny. Poor guy!

Did I miss some?  Who would you like to add to the list?


Photo Source: Walt Disney Animation Studios and Disney Pixar Studios.

Article Posted 4 years Ago

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