20 US Presidents that Totally Confuse Kids

George Washington? Not confusing at all. First President, cherry tree, blah, blah, blah.

It’s President’s Day, which for my children has nearly nothing to do with history and everything to do with a three-day weekend. I asked my kids and their friends about the US Presidents and what they knew about them. I got blank stares and blinking in reply.

Maybe it’s because my kids are too young. Maybe it’s because most students aren’t asked to memorize the Presidents in order, as I was in elementary school. Or maybe it’s because some of the Presidents especially for younger kids – are sort of confusing.

Here’s a very silly look at the most confusing US Presidents for kids and their reactions:

  • Grover Cleveland and Grover Cleveland 1 of 15
    Grover Cleveland and Grover Cleveland
    Those two mustache dudes look alike. Because they're both from Cleveland? No way. Those guys are the same person. OHHHH… but not consecutively. So he was President twice which is why they say Obama is the 44th President and stuff but really there are only 43 Presidents. Sigh…
  • John Adams and John Quincy Adams 2 of 15
    John Adams and John Quincy Adams
    OK. These are the white-haired Adams dudes that are not the same guy. Wait. What?
  • Millard Fillmore 3 of 15
    Millard Fillmore
    He was a president? Are you sure? He sounds like a duck. I know what "Millard" means, ok? I'm pretty sure he's a duck.
  • George H.W. Bush and George W. Bush 4 of 15
    George H.W. Bush and George W. Bush
    What do you mean WHICH George Bush? There's more than one? They're not the same guy? That one dude was President before Obama, right? That was a really, really long time ago. Like 3 years or something.
  • John Tyler 5 of 15
    John Tyler
    I get the "Tippecanoe and Tyler Too" part and how it has something to do with a big battle - but Tyler, too? What did Tyler do in the battle? He wasn't in the battle? So how did he get to be president; was it just because he was in Aerosmith? And they really called him "His Accidency"? Whispers: Did he have a lot of accidents? #1 or #2?
  • Richard Nixon 6 of 15
    Richard Nixon
    Was he a good guy or bad guy? I feel like he's really important because he invented the peace sign and they made a Halloween mask of his face.
  • Teddy Roosevelt and FDR 7 of 15
    Teddy Roosevelt and FDR
    Is it just me or are a lot of these Presidents related to each other? I know all about these guys. One rode a wheelchair and one rode a horse. I know that because the horse one was in Night at The Museum. Everyone knows that.
  • Bill Clinton 8 of 15
    Bill Clinton
    I totally know who Hillary Clinton is. She's the one who is always mad at other countries. So you're telling me that her husband was president?
  • 19th Century Former Generals Who Didnt Last Long in Office 9 of 15
    19th Century Former Generals Who Didnt Last Long in Office
    Hold on, these guys were generals who fought wars and then they just died for no reason? The one guy for just giving a speech without a coat? Did my mom make that up? And Zachary Taylor wasn't the President. He was on my t-ball team last year. YES HE WAS.
  • Gerald Ford 10 of 15
    Gerald Ford
    OK. So he's the Ford guy from Michigan who invented cars. So you're saying that President Ford DIDN'T get famous for making cars? He was from Michigan, right? That's where they make them. And Ford is a car, right? Is this a trick?
  • Martin Van Buren 11 of 15
    Martin Van Buren
    This one has to be a hoax. There is no way we had a president named "Martin Van Buren." Especially back then. They didn't have vans or even cars, right? Now maybe if he were named "Martin Buggy Buren," I'd think about it. You know... His hair is awesome.
  • Andrew Johnson and Lyndon B. Johnson 12 of 15
    Andrew Johnson and Lyndon B. Johnson
    These guys are related, right? They're not. COME ON NOW. So that guy took over after another president was killed and then he was really unpopular and left the presidency to go back home. Wait, wait, is this where Johnson & Johnson comes from?
  • Warren G. Harding 13 of 15
    Warren G. Harding
    I'm confused. Isn't Warren G a rapper? Yeah he's the one mommy lets us listen to in the van but we're not supposed to say anything because of the inappropriate language.
  • Herbert Hoover 14 of 15
    Herbert Hoover
    Easy! He was the President who invented vacuum cleaners. No? Then I have no idea.
  • The Animaniacs Presidents Song 15 of 15
    The Animaniacs Presidents Song
    This song is super funny and great and teaches you a lot about the Presidents but it's old. It stops at Hillary Clinton's husband.

All photos are courtesy of: where you can also find lots of great (and accurate) information about all our Presidents.

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