20 Wacky Yet Practical Items Made of Legos!

In our home we have oodles and oodles of Legos from our epic Vampyre Castle construction to a couple of Lego Friends vignettes.

We have Legos in the bedroom, Legos on our kitchen table, and even Legos in the bathroom. With being confronted with so much Lego-ness, it’s natrual to ponder upon their usefulness beyond just being a building toy.

And apparently I am not alone with questioning life beyond simple Lego construction. Our own Rachel Faucett recently gave 8 New Uses for Christmas Legos, such as cufflinks and key holders. But how about if you want to do something bigger, bolder and/or crazier yet something totally practical and useful?

Here are 20 Lego creations that go beyond just blocks from chairs, to vases to Birkin bags!

  • The Lego Chair 1 of 19
    This gorgeous and very modern Lego construction was created by designer Mario Minale.
    Photo Source: Droog.com
  • The Lego Typewriter 2 of 19
    Lego artist Matt Armstrong aka "Monsterbrick," does some truly amazing things with legos, especially with his "Steampunk Lego Inventions," series. This Lego creation is of an old school typewriter.
    Photo Source: Flickr
  • The Lego Clock 3 of 19
    This old school clock is another creation from Lego artist Matt Armstrong aka "Monsterbrick."
    Photo Source: Flickr/Matt Armstrong
  • The Lego Suitcase 4 of 19
    Look, it's Lego artist Matt Armstrong's suitcase. Yeah, that's pretty amazing and it does open! Photo Source: Flickr/Matt Armstrong
  • The Lego Safe 5 of 19
    Would you construct a Lego safe for all your valuables? This person did! Check it out here:

    Photo Source:YouTube/Lego NX

  • The Lego Pancake Robot 6 of 19
    This Lego construction is amazing. It makes pancakes, and not just any kind of pancakes, but Mickey Mouse pancakes. Check out the pancake robot in action right here:

    Photo Source: YouTube/migpics11

  • The Lego Vases 7 of 19
    I have to say, these Lego vases by artist Nathan Sawaya are subtle, simple and really quite stunning. Photo Source: Avant Gallery
  • The Lego Wheelchair 8 of 19
    This is a pretty amazing Lego creation. Lego builder Simon Burfield constructed this Lego wheelchair that actually works! Check out the chair in action below:

    Photo Source:YouTube/Burfield

  • The Lego Table 9 of 19
    This table is pretty awesome, and we get to see how they created it with this time lapse video of the process!

    Photo Source: YouTube/James Stephenson

  • The Lego Couch 10 of 19
    This may look pretty cool, but it certainly doesn't look very comfortable!
    Photo Source: Flickr
  • Lego Chainsaw 11 of 19
    Have any doubts that a Lego chainsaw would actually work? Check out the video below to see how it does!

    Photo Source: YouTube/Searme

  • The Lego Birkin Bag 12 of 19
    A cleaver and talented Etsy crafter that goes by the name "agabag" made this "Tribute to Hermés - Birkin 25cm bag made with LEGO bricks." And the purse is actually usable. They wrote, "the bag is fully functional - it is designed for everyday use. It's reinforced to carry some weight, the flap closing is working," and has, "two big pockets inside." The purse is made to order and can be made in "white, yellow, red, blue, light or dark grey," but they add that, "lime, orange and multicolor versions are also possible at a slightly higher price." If you, like me, want to order one right this second, you are out of luck. The bag is currently "sold out." And like the real thing, there is a long wait list with the earliest ship date being in February. The price tag is $400 (which is far less expensive than a real Birkin). You can email the maker for more details here.

    Photo Source: Etsy

  • The Lego Toothbrush Holder 13 of 19
    This one is so simple, yet so very practical. You could build it yourself or buy one from Etsy seller ValGlaser right here (for $25).
    Photo Source: Etsy
  • The Lego Car 14 of 19
    Forget the Mercedes or the Rolls, this is a totally different kind of stylish ride!
    Photo Source:Victor Grigas/Creative Commons
  • The Lego Guitar 15 of 19
    For those who want to "rock" with Legos, here is the Lego guitar. Sweet.

    Photo Source: LegoGuitar

  • The Lego Record Player 16 of 19
    This Lego artist attempted to create a Lego record player, a great idea. You can check out the record player in action here:

    Photo Source: YouTube/OldMusiconVinyl1

  • The Lego Rubik’s Cube Solver 17 of 19
    Of course there would be a Lego Rubik's Cube solver, right? Of course there would be.

    Photo Source:YouTube/Armrflix

  • The Lego Gun 18 of 19
    Not that anyone needs one of these, but this is a gun modeled, and inspired, by Legos. The makers of this mock firearm call it the BrickGun.
    Photo Source: BrickGun
  • The Lego Lamp 19 of 19
    A beautiful glow comes from this Lego lamp.
    Photo Source: via Recycled Art

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