20 Wonderful and Weird Feats of Crochet By Kate Jenkins

My daughter and I recently took up crochet. And when I say “took up,” it really means we’ve made a very casual attempt at the age-old craft that has yet to go beyond a simple string of loops mixed in with a fair share of tangles. Kate Jenkins we are not. Who is Kate Jenkins you might ask? She is not just a crochet expert but a true artist. This English woman’s work is amazing, inspiring and, also, intimidating. There is no way my little 7-year-old and I will be able to crochet ourselves a bottle of mustard or a shimmery set of sardines. Check out a her knitted genius here:

  • The Wonderful World of Crochet 1 of 20

    Click through to see them all!

  • Fish and Chips 2 of 20

    A beautiful ode to the classic fish and chips, along with peas and a bit of lemon.

  • Woolin’ Donuts 3 of 20

    Forget Dunkin' Donuts, I much prefer these Woolin' Donuts.

  • Sardines 4 of 20

    And here it it, the most beautiful sardines in the world.

  • Canned Laughter 5 of 20

    A surreal take on "canned laughter."

  • Mustard 6 of 20

    Yes, she made a crocheted ode to French's classic yellow mustard. Awesome.

  • French Fries 7 of 20

    These French Fries are very, very French.

  • Honey Bear 8 of 20

    The cutest honey bear like ever.

  • Bees 9 of 20

    Bees at work on their honeycomb.

  • Bugs 10 of 20

    A collection of different and assorted insects. Beautiful.

  • Piggies! 11 of 20

    Pigs in a blanket? I don't know but they sure are cute.

  • Campbell’s 12 of 20

    Andy Warhol had his own take, but I must say I love Kate's too!

  • Breakfast 13 of 20

    Ham, eggs and fries, it's a knitted breakfast.

  • Peanut Butter 14 of 20

    A stitched jar of peanut butter, beautifully done.

  • Prawns 15 of 20

    A plate of prawns that look good enough to eat.

  • Jam 16 of 20

    The bees would love to get into this jar, and really who wouldn't.

  • Chow Mein 17 of 20
    chow mein

    It's chow mein, box and all.

  • Tabasew! 18 of 20

    Yes, it is her own brand of hotness, TabaSEW! Cute.

  • Burger Time 19 of 20

    Although she generally crochets British food, here is an ode to an American classic.

  • Butterflies 20 of 20

    A gorgeous collection of butterflies is all different hues.


Check out  more of Kate Jenkins work here.

Article Posted 3 years Ago

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